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About Kristen Becker, Certified Nuero-linguistic Program Practitioner

I create courses that help you to develop your own unique "tools" and "toolkit" to live your very best life. Life is fascinating and filled with unlimited potential- mediocrity is not an option!

Hi I'm Kristen! I’m a certified practitioner of both Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)  & Hypnosis Therapy. I have 20 years of experience in the education industry as both an online curriculum designer and a college professor.  

I use my expertise in education design to create highly effective and incredibly simple & easy to use courses that demystify the metaphysical and help you to realize your full potential and manifest your dream life.

In my course you will use a combination of experiential learning, NLP, self-hypnosis based visualizations & transpersonal psychology techniques. Transpersonal psychology integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology to traverse and understand the metaphysical laws of the universe in a practical way for everyday life . 

After years of extensive study and exploration of spiritual development and metaphysics I turned my attention to neurosciences, psychology and understanding the inner workings of the subconscious mind, quantum physics, and the process of changing our own belief models. After years of research, study and real life experiments I have come to realize the beauty and potential of the balance between all of these for creating a life that speaks to the soul. I’m honored to share these experiences with others through my in person and online workshops and courses.

We now know that when you replace dis-empowering belief models with empowering ones, your life changes at a rapid pace! Enhancing and Using our right brain, intuitive understanding of the rhythms of the universe, along with our left brain understanding of how our minds work we can create rapid change in our lives. I am honored to apply my experience in creating & delivering award winning educational experiences and this knowledge to create courses and audio products to help others.

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But what's going on beneath all of that?

welp, I am many things, not the least of which is grateful. I am a mommy, a friend and a huge advocate of living your dreams! We sometimes find ourselves standing in the gap between the life we are living and the life we sense is possible. I like exploring the inspirations, ideas and tools that close that gap. I have found that meditation, learning to trust your intuition, loving yourself & others, leveraging the power of your subconscious mind, redesigning your own belief model, dreaming big, opening up to spiritual intelligence, and the understanding of the universal laws are all elements of unlocking your potential and living your life to the fullest.

I took the long way here.  I was a stock broker for about a minute. Well, actually until my aunt informed me that this was the best job ever and that I should keep it for the rest of my life. So I promptly quit. I quit, and became a college professor & dept. Chair and then went on to run a successful online business and become a certified holistic life coach, hypnosis therapy & NLP practitioner. 

Oh I should back up though. I was raised by a hippie; an eternally young at heart and vibrant soul who always told me “enjoy the journey”. Thanks Dad! So I do. I always have. I’m optimistic and resilient and, in the graceful gift of my years, I have gained some insights into the why and how of it all. I’ve learned that the most precious things in life are truly free.  I’ve found that living simply, eating healthy, laughing and loving those around me are the most important things in life. And that’s what brought me here. What brought you here? I love getting to know new people, please drop me a line. Say hello!

Praise for Free Lark: “Ms. Becker uses real life experiences to show how she was able to achieve financial freedom, find a meaningful life, and actually have fun doing it.”
— Amazon Customer Reviews

Hey Let's work together!

I speak and write on topics of meditation, love, positive mental habits, creating new belief models, following your dreams, holistic living and whole/real foods. Please contact me to talk more about how we can work together!