Oh, Love: How to Bring More of it Into Your Life

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Mind: Self Love: As Within, So Without, As above, So below (one of the seven principles of Hermes Trismegistus)


To truly know and experience deep love, you must be able to love yourself. A very simple trick for fostering more self love is simply to keep a promise to yourself every day. Start your day with a promise to yourself, an intention of how you will love yourself. Perhaps its to allow yourself time to cuddle with your children or partner. Perhaps its to nourish your body with whole foods, Maybe you want to spend 20 minutes reading your favorite book in bed before you go to sleep, take a long soak in the tub? Whatever it is, on any given day, make that promise to yourself and keep it. In this way you will grow to cherish, respect and trust yourself more, fostering an unshakable foundation of self-love.

Body: Can you transform your body with love?   


We often think of our bodies as oddly sperate entities, either empowering us (beautiful, strong, vital) or holding us back (weak, too this, too that, not good enough). Ask yourself, “how do I think about my body, what do I say in my mind through repeated thoughts, about and to it?”. Now ask yourself this; “if someone walked up to me and started to talking to me in exactly the same way that I think about and talk to my body, would I invite them to sit for tea, or say “bug off you neurotic freak’? Well guess what? Your body has consciousness and will respond to whatever treatment you give it. Just like people, if you treat your body with love and gratitude, it will flourish. If you beat it down with judgment and disdain, it will languish. Start and end each day with gratitude and respect to your body, its beauty, strength and all that it does and you will be surprised at how lovingly your body responds to you through surprisingly rapid transformation.

Want to learn more about the science behind this?. Healing epigenetics is a great place to start:   

Spirit: What’s more approachable than unconditional love?  Well, this.

unconditional love.jpg

What is love? The unlimited love institute offers this highly doable definition: “When the happiness, security, and well-being of another feels as meaningful and real to us as our own, or perhaps more so, we love that person.” I love reflecting on this… because I can mostly do this. It may be hard to wrap our brains around the unconditional love that we KNOW we would like to have for ourselves and offer it to others. But this, this, is a little more manageable. Think about those who you spend the most time with. Could you care just a little bit more about their needs, hopes & dreams? When you give just a little bit more, you get a little bit more. You grow more love in your heart and life.


Check them out at:


Always Love,

Have a Spectacular Day!




Can You Handle the 10 days to Live off Facebook Challenge: The Answers May Surprise You!

How would you spend your time if you knew you only had ten days to live? Would you spend up to 11 hours a day staring at screens and social media or would you get out in the real world and live? Shall we begin?


This is your challenge: spend the next ten days off of Facebook and get out there and live your life. Can you handle ten whole days away from Facebook? What will happen, how will your life change? Why would you want to do this? These are all questions that I asked myself and that hopefully, you are asking yourself right now! The answers will surprise you.  Just imagine what you will discover, do, feel, and accomplish during your ten days? Find out and then post ten pictures (when you get back) to share your discoveries and accomplishments with the world.


Can you handle ten whole days away from Facebook?

Scientific research shows us that social media is in fact, physically addicting.  The first few days are going to be hard due to your addiction to social media.  


What do you have to look forward to, how can your life change?

  • When you get out from behind the screen, you get into life’s real pleasures. The heighten satisfaction and emotional levels from real world experiences far eclipse that of the false virtual world.  

  • Freedom is yours to keep! Free yourself from the misused time and distractions of social media. When you retrain your brain for new habits and routines , they eventually become automatic and then you can reap the rewards of a real life with little, less or no social media.  

  • Better rest! When you are not distracted by social media or the sleep disrupting lights and notifications, you get much more restful and deep sleep.

  • Improved in person, real life relationships.

  • Increased focus, creativity & productivity.

  • Free’s up energy and focus to explore your passions.

  • Enhanced physical activity/ exercise.

  • Improved self-esteem. you


Why would you want to do this?

  • Social media use is associated with a number of psychological problems, including anxiety, depression, loneliness, attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder, and addiction.

  • Social media skews our perceptions and emotions. Researchers have found that consuming large amounts of information about other people can elicit feelings of envy. From the American Journal of Psychiatry: “That is, people who regularly use Facebook are more likely to agree that others have better lives than them and that life is unfair, whereas those who have a more active offline social life appear to have a more balanced view of other people’s lives.

  • Social media use can sabotage our romantic relationships. Researchers found a link between compulsive Facebook use and relationship dissatisfaction due to jealousy and surveillance behaviors.

  • Social media use leads to “always being on”. Not having down time to ground and connect.

  • There is a growing scientific evidence base to suggest excessive SNS use may lead to symptoms traditionally associated with substance-related addictions.

  • Excessive social media use results in difficulty in maintaining face to face relationships such as personal & professional  which leads to frustration and depression which sends the person back to social media to find connection & expression, furthering the viscous cycle.

  • Social media use enhances FOMO (fear of missing out): FOMO is “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent”.

  • Research shows a strong connection between frequent use of social media and low self-esteem.


Want to see the research and science behind these facts? Check out  and the list of related scientific articles (scroll down in the linked article) to read for yourself.

How to do the ten days off Facebook Challenge.

  1. Make an announcement on Facebook that you are taking the 10 day challenge- use hashtag #10daystolivechallenge

  2. Remove Facebook from your mobile device, tablet and laptop to avoid temptation.

  3. Take a picture each day of what you are doing: more productivity? Hanging out with friends, reading a great book, treating yourself to some R&R- whatever- document that stuff! Optional: Journaling is a great path to self-discovery! journal each day to track your thoughts, emotions and feelings. This is a great way to ground yourself in the ahem… real world.

  4. When you get back on, start with a plan (based on what you discovered during your hiatus) of when and how you will use Facebook & other social media.

  5. Post pictures of what you did, accomplished and discovered during your ten day break- use hashtag #10daystolivechallenge


Are you addicted to social media?

According to Dr. Mark Griffiths, PHD. The answers to these six simple questions can tell you more about your level of addiction (from original article on Psychology Today) :

If you want to check whether you may be at risk of developing an addiction to social media, ask yourselves these six simple questions:

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about social media or planning to use social media?
Do you feel urges to use social media more and more?
Do you use social media to forget about personal problems?
Do you often try to reduce your use of social media without success?
Do you become restless or troubled if you are unable to use social media?
Do you use social media so much that it has had a negative impact on your job or studies?

If the answer to all six of these questions is “yes,” then you may have or be developing an addiction to using social media.




Learn How to Use Creative Visualization to Achieve Your Dreams

creative visualization quote 2.jpg

Most people will put their personal improvement efforts into directed conscious effort and action when in fact, research shows that 95% to 99% of everything that happens in our lives is really the result of our subconscious minds. Dr. Marcus Raichle from Harvard University, refers to this as the “default network”. According to Dr. Raichle, our default network is most active when we take a first-person perspective centered upon our own body as opposed to a third-person perspective. For example, when you are thinking and talking in your own head, you are more in the third person perspective but when you are in the moment you are accessing your default network.

This interaction with the default network of your own subconscious mind is why creative visualization is such a successful and widely used technique among top leaders, performers and athletes. Also known in the field of psychology as “mental rehearsal”, creative visualization is used to enhance relationships, performance, sales, body transformation, creativity, and more. Any type of pursuit that you might choose to enhance in life is immensely benefited by the use of creative visualization.

Why is creative visualization so effective in rapidly closing the gap between you and your goals?  

creative visualization quote1.jpg
  • The brain does not differentiate between real and imagined. When we visualize, the same regions of the brain are stimulated as when we actually experience the event and the same neural networks are created. This enables us to enhance confidence, develop skills and abilities and enjoy all of the same benefits that the actual practice in the area would have afforded us.

  • When we visualize more neural networks are formed that lead toward our goals. When your default network kicks in (95% to 99% of the time), you have stacked the deck in your favor: “all neural paths point to… “(fill in the blank with your goal).

  • The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is the data filter for your subconscious mind. Of the 2 million bits of data your mind process per second, only that which aligns with the programming of your subconscious mind is allowed to reach your conscious awareness. Creative visualization primes your RAS to align with your desired goals.

  • When you practice creative visualization in the Alpha and Theta  brainwave states, your mind is very suggestible.  Creative visualization in these states actually enables you to overcome limiting beliefs and re-program your subconscious mind for success.

  • During the relaxed creative visualization process, the great ideas and inspirations about inspired action that you can take toward your goal come in rapid succession. This brainstorming process allows you to think of ways to move toward your goal that might not have otherwise crossed your mind.

Inspired action for the win!

creative visualization quote 3.jpg

Once you have primed the power of your subconscious mind for success, you are ready to take inspired action. Unlike the trial and error, brute force approach that most people take toward their goals, your inspired action is aligned with your vision for yourself and your subconscious programming and jam packed with inspired action, creating an unstoppable force within you.


Reinvent Yourself

Reinvent Yourself is a highly actionable & focused, step by step program which walks you through the entire process. First you will learn how to clarify your priorities and goals. You will learn the science behind visualization and the manifesting process so you are aware of all of the points of entry at which you can step in and become a co-creator. Your fully guided creative visualization audio will relax you down to the alpha state and walk you through your own creative visualization process. You will learn how to identify and take the inspired action through small, easy to manage weekly steps that build exponential momentum. As a bonus, you will also learn about “peak experiences” how they benefit you and how to create more of them in your life.

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Always Love!


Use coupon code:  Reinvent  to save 50% off today .  Click Here

Use coupon code: Reinvent to save 50% off today . Click Here

creative visualization quote 4.jpg



Winter Solstice Clearing Ritual: 4 Questions to Help Find yourself!

winter solstice ritual.jpg

Happy winter solstice! Each season plays its part in the greater whole. Winter is a time of reflection, regeneration, and renewal in preparation for the new birth cycle of spring. In other words, it’s a great time to take stock; observe your life, experiences, choices, goals etc. Identify that which you have learned from and are ready to discard and that which you will carry forward with you into the new year.

Activities to facilitate and inspire reflection:

  • Take a walk alone out in nature, let the invigoration of the weather that surrounds you stimulate your senses and thoughts.

  • Take a candle lit bath with fresh herbs to awaken your soul and relax your body.

  • Sit by a roaring fire, indoors or out. If that is not possible, light several candles in an otherwise dark room, get cozy under a blanket and let the dancing, flickering flames relax you.

A few things to ponder as you choose what to let go of and what to carry forward for the coming new year:

  • What were the three best choices I made this year that truly aligned me with my true self ?

  • Moving forward, what three things do I need to let go of in order to be true to myself and live a life that speaks to my soul?

  • What can I forgive in myself and others?

  • What three feeling words best describe what I want for myself in the coming year?

Its up to you as to how to process this information but I would write these insights down and revisit them frequently in the coming months as a reminder. Pro-tip- don’t write them down and then burn them in a dramatic “oh this is a fun solstice ritual” like I did last year. You might soon discover that you actually can’t remember half of your best herbal bath inspired insights.


Always love,




How to Deal with Energy Vampires & Raise Your Own Vibration, Using a Simple 3-step NLP Technique

how to deal with energy vampires.jpg

Most everyone knows the differences between desperately struggling to stay hopeful around energy vampires and that glorious feeling of being uplifted when you are surrounded by loving, nurturing people. In both cases there is a cause and effect cycle that once understood, can either be broken or reinforced depending on if you want to feel peaceful & loving or angry & frustrated. Whichever we choose, determines whether our own vibration goes up or down. The trick is in understanding how emotional energy affects us and learning how to deal with energy vampires.

We naturally know that we want to keep our own vibrations high, it just feels good! Our own vibrational energy pattern also contributes to what we are attracting through the law of attraction so of course, we want to keep our energy vibrating in a high place too. The good news is that everything begins with you! It’s extremely helpful to understand our own energetic vibrational patterns. How are they formed and how do they affect our lives? How do they empower us to have more creative control and input into our own manifesting process and day to day peace and happiness? How does this understanding help us to deal with people that we perceive as energy vampires?

Your vibrational energy patterns are one part of a dynamic whole. The vibrational energy pattern that we choose to engage with plays an important role in our overall happiness, our ability to achieve, move forward, have healthy relationships and the ability to have a sense of peace in all of life’s dynamic experiences. It’s vital that we keep our own emotional energy levels high and in check! Check out this video to learn more about how your emotions are creating your own vibrational energy patterns.

If you have or have ever had an energy vampire draining and effecting your own emotional energy, I have great news for you. There is no such thing as an energy vampire. I know, everyone loves that catch phrase “energy vampire” and I’ve used it myself but the fact of the matter is that there is no such thing.

The truth about the energy vampire myth:

how to deal with energy vampires quote.jpg

1.       Everyone is doing their best for wherever they are right now. Including you and me. What we may perceive as someone’s negative energy, is really just their own struggle (with what we may or may not ever know) to free themselves of that negative energy state and move on up the emotional/vibrational scale to love and acceptance. Their goal is not to take your energy but simply to raise their own- help a brother out.

2.       More often than not, none of the low vibrational fear based energy/anger/emotion  that is being projected toward you has anything to do with you. Think about their perspective, experiences, hopes and fears and what other things might be playing into the situation and fueling their low vibrating energy.

3.       Oh wait, it might actually be you. We all do things from time to time that invite low energy right back to ourselves without even realizing it or taking responsibility for it. Our own emotions are boomerangs- we get back what we put out.

4.       We get to choose whether or not to internalize and participate in the emotions and corresponding negative energy that is going on around us. Yeah, I know, this is the hard part but keep reading- I got you.

Not being able to make someone else out to be the big bad energy vampire and the source of our own low energy and negative emotions is the best news ever! It means that we each have, within us, the complete and total ability to maintain the emotional/vibrational energy levels (and awesome feelings & experiences that go along with them) that we want. Sure, life and the people in it, can present us with challenges as well as unique and sometimes less than comfortable, opportunities to grow at times. But it’s through those challenges that we grow, evolve and become more and more self-actualized. 

O.W.N. it! Here is a 3-step, NLP based process to help you navigate low energy experiences (i.e. energy vampires… also known as human beings, just doing their best, like we all are)

O- Ownership- Ask yourself, “do I want to take ownership” of the negative emotions and energy that is being projected here? Once we choose to take ownership, that emotion will drive the experience moving forward. “hurt people hurt people”. For example, my child might lash out in anger and frustration. I still need to work through the situation but choose to do so without also taking ownership of those feelings and joining in on the emotionally fueled and directed roller coaster. We do not have to take ownership of and join in on feelings, conversations, actions, life choices etc. To each his own, we just don’t.  Ownership of someone else’s emotions is your choice. We have two choices here. One is to not accept the low emotions and offer love, compassion, and acceptance. I know when I’m being an A-hole this changes my tune real fast and I’ve seen this happen many times on the giving side as well. Also, we can choose to compassionately disengage, at which point the other person will move on. Having thrown the old tug of war rope and received no tension in return, they will move on.

W- Why? – ask yourself “why is this person feeling this way and why am I feeling the response that I am feeling?”. Both often have little to do with the situation at hand. We all bring to the table, life experiences and context that contributes to how we see and react to things. Being able to see the perspective of both people more clearly creates some wiggle room for you both to be a little more human and the ability to allow compassion to fill the space between you where anger once was.  

N – Need- ask yourself “do I need to feel this emotion”. Spoiler alert- the answer might be yes! If you think about the scale of emotions, the objective is always to move up and not down the scale, raising our own vibrations.  Lower emotions are our own inner guidance system, alerting & prompting us to move further along up the scale. For example, anger might lead us to pride which could lead to courage and taking a needed action and then the self-esteem that goes along with that and so on, helping us to gain skills and insight that we get to keep forever. (thank you very much energy vampire!).


See how I brought this all home here? Now we are grateful to the energy vampire for presenting us with an opportunity to continue to move up the emotional scale, become all self-actualized, raise our own vibration and stuff. And then (if you watched the video!) you know what you will attract more of into your life.  O.W.N. it.

Always Love,




Gratitude, There Are A Thousand Ways to Kneel & Kiss the Ground

I woke up with this quote in my mind this morning :-)

I woke up with this quote in my mind this morning :-)

I think about this quote a lot. Gratitude comes to mind but that’s low hanging fruit. Its easy to be grateful for all of the good things. I think this begs more creativity, more putting into action and engaging with emotion. For me, it inspires seeking and sharing love & gratitude in the mundane or cold, dark places. To choose to listen with a forgiving and compassionate heart when someone is angry. To choose to see how a fire that may have burned you is just pushing you to re-imagine yourself and grow into someone new, better. To choose to quiet all of the chatter in your heart and mind for long enough to look around and realize “all of this is really quite amazing and I am a part of it”. Indeed, there are at least a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground in any given day and one good reason to do it. Resonance. In choosing to do so It raises the vibration of both ourselves and those around us.

We don’t manifest or attract what we want in life, but what we feel. How we feel is very much a matter of choice and how we choose to look at the everyday occurrences in our lives. I see this beautiful quote from Rumi as a reminder of that choice. Why do we not do this naturally? Why does it seem so much easier to focus on (and then attract) the negative aspects of things? Quite simply, we have been taught and conditioned to see and experience the world in this way. And so we get caught in this negative cycle of seeing, feeling and attracting negativity into our lives.

The way out is the same as the way in! We can just as easily re-train our brains to enable and empower us to vibrate at the higher love based frequencies using simple NLP techniques. Learn more about using NLP to master the law of attraction.



The 1 easy NLP shift you can make today to stop victim mentality & empower your law of attraction

Shifting to an internal locus of control shifts your own belief models which empowers you!

Shifting to an internal locus of control shifts your own belief models which empowers you!

Some people feel self-empowered while others feel like victims. In psychology, this perspective is called, “Internal Locus of Control vs. External Locus of Control.” Having an internal locus of control not only makes day to day life a whole lot more pleasant and rewarding, it also empowers you to bring more good things into your own life simply because you feel fully empowered to do so. In fact you are the captain of your own soul! Obviously how you feel creates the energy that dictates what you are attracting through the law of attraction so it’s vital that you understand, experience for yourself, and  feel how truly empowered you are.The good news is that you can stop the victim mentality today! Here is one incredibly easy  NLP based practice that you can start using right now to create and maintain a powerful internal locus of control perspective.

The problem

The problem is that we are taught and continue to practice placing our emotional energy on outcomes. “I will be happy when this happens” “If only this were different” “I am determined to achieve, do or become this”. This outcome orientated thinking is based in the future and even more fundamentally on what you are not which is your now state or now feeling.

Click Here to watch the video and learn more about how to break the victim mentality, raise your vibration and attract more good things into your life.

This is a problem for at least three reasons

When you shift your locus of control, you radically empower your own law of attraction.

When you shift your locus of control, you radically empower your own law of attraction.

First of all, the energy of this emotional feeling that you are holding onto so earnestly right now is exactly what you are attracting. Secondly, there are only two possible outcome here (achieving the goal or not) and both of those seem to be fairly outside of your control. Third, in working so hard toward that one and only goal, any set backs, misses or lack of achievement tend to be falsely internalized as either lack of self-worth or self-love. “nothing ever works out for me” “no one helps me” “I’m not able, capable, worthy of this”.  Ewe!

The solution

I had this realization while lying on the hyrdomassage bed at the gym today. I said to myself “oh my goodness sakes, that’s so simple” and I think you will agree! The simple NLP based technique is quite simply to shift your perspective of any situation, issue, process etc.  from one that is based on goals and outcomes to one that is based on your own intentions.  You see, when you are focused on the outcome, you are waiting, hoping, trying, working toward and dependent upon that success to validate yourself and create whatever emotional energy state you are looking to achieve. Conversely,  when you approach the whole shebang from your own intention, you are running the show. Based on the intention that you have clarified, you are empowered at any stage of the process, to evaluate and modify. There is no winning or losing there is only evolution and growing of your own internal strength.

Let me shake it down…


Lets say you have a “goal” to secure a new job that you are excited about. Pretty standard right and imagine the process of applying, having your friends rehearse your interview process with you, daydreaming/visualizing  the outcome, thinking about how your life will be improved once you get this job!

Now, if you approach this from the perspective of your own intentions. First clarify your intentions- what are they? What do you want in this new job, more creativity, freedom, income, a shorter commute, what? Ok, so these are you intention- not the job. So now you have released all of this high vibe energy and potential from being locked up in something you have little control over (the job). You have released (letting go) resistance and empowered yourself. Now that you have identified and more closely clarified your own intentions you are empowered to use them as the marker by which you evaluate choices and actions in your life. So for example, last year it was my intention to generate more income for the holidays. I was offered a gig that paid but not well. It was income but was not aligned with my intention for myself to generate more income. I politely declined, felt great about not sacrificing my own value of the quality of my time and later that same day, I was offered the exact same gig, by another company for twice the rate of pay. Another example, let’s say you’ve identified one of your key intentions as having more flexibility of time. This intention based perspective now gives the freedom to also explore different variations on your current work offerings, other jobs, other combinations capable of changing your income to time spent ratio in the way that would like.

What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

Well here is the best part: When you shift to your own intention based perspective, you cannot fail. You always have the choice.  There is only discovery and growth. There is only moving closer to or away from the experiences, options, relationships, choices, opportunities and so on that are aligned with your intentions. You become more clearly able to see whether or not something is aligned with your intentions and adjust as you go along accordingly. You are empowered!  No one holds the key to this but you!

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The 3 Keys to Setting Powerful Law of Attraction Intentions

Intentions are the root of your vibration.

Intentions are the root of your vibration.

People set “intentions” all the time, often not realizing that they are setting themselves up for failure. Are you unknowingly setting an intention that is actually rooted in limiting beliefs, vibrating from fear based emotions and attracting more of what you don’t want into your life? What can you do to set strong intentions that attract positive people, experiences and relationships into your life? Let’s find out!  

Through Your Intentions, You Create Your Own Vibration!

1. Key # 1 is to understand the vibrational energy that you are creating within yourself with the actual creation of your intention and manifesting goal. You attract what you feel, not what you want. The vibrational energy of your emotions/feelings are either based in the lower fear based emotions or the higher love based emotions. So you want to be sure that the actual intention that you are setting is based in the higher love based emotions. Your subconscious programming is set by the vibrational energy of your emotions. Many people set themselves up for failure right out of the gate by failing to keep this critical principle in mind when approaching the whole idea of conscious creation and setting intentions/manifesting goals.

State Your Intentions in the Most Powerful Way.

2. key #2 For powerful law of attraction intention setting your want to focus on how you craft your intention. Check out this video on intention setting here. How to state your intention: I am ___________ or a greater or higher equivalent that is in the greatest good for all involved . Why each part is important- “I am”  (stated in the now & feeling state). Also choose a manifesting goal here that is believable to your current subconscious programming.  You attract what you feel, not what your desire (which is often actually maintaining a feeling of a state of lack). “or a greater or higher equivalent” – allows you to leave creative room for the infinite possibility and to also let go of attachment to a specific outcome.  “For greatest and highest good of all involved”. This is based on unconditional love. It enables you to both stay in the higher love based vibrating emotions as well as to let go of resistance.

How to Practice Being in the Feeling State

3. Key # 3 Once you have invested the time and effort into creating a powerful intention vibrating in love based emotional energy you want to make sure it sticks. How many times have you written out visions statements. Goals, intentions and so on, felt excited & empowered and then never really returned to your intentions or those feelings? There are many ways to set intentions and overwrite the limiting beliefs of your subconscious programming. A simple technique to use is “feeling based repetition”.  By now you’ve surely heard of and probably practiced affirmations. You’ve probably written your intentions down and placed them where you can see them frequently. These are great baby steps but the key is in creating and feeling the emotions. These vibrating, energetic emotions are what will reprogram your subconscious. 

You want to practice the new thoughts and feelings associated with your intention throughout the day. This is just like working out or building any new skill, you are repeatedly impressing upon your subconscious mind these feelings, again and again until it becomes your new programing and your new emotional vibration. Let’s say your  intention is to evolve your career and income. Several times throughout the day you want to stop and visualize in full detail what life is like in that state. How do you feel, what are you doing? In visualizing this you will drum of the actual feelings associated with it, inside of yourself. Now practice transplanting that feeling to other moments in your day. Revisit it, invite it back in, approach daily tasks and activities with that feeling. The more you do this consciously, the more automatic and subconscious the feeling will become.

Becoming aware of your own intentions is one of the most powerful things you can do to raise your own vibration.

Becoming aware of your own intentions is one of the most powerful things you can do to raise your own vibration.

Your intentions are vitally important. They are at the core of what you are actually feeling which is generating your vibrational energy pattern. You are attracting things into your life that match the vibrational pattern of your feelings. Bringing your own intentions into your awareness enables you to go directly to the root of your vibrations and make adjustments that align with your conscious desires.

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Law of Attraction Memes For You

Keeping yourself in  a good head-space is vital to maintaining your forward momentum. Here is a round up of some of my favorite Law of Attraction quotes to surround yourself with an share with your friends and family. 



Discover How to Power boost The Law of Attraction Using Simple NLP

According to hospice nurse and best selling author, Broni Ware, the most frequently heard regret of the dying is: “I wish I would have had the courage to live a life true to myself”.

This fact really resonates with me because about 8 years ago, I realized I was on the fast track to living this life and knew I needed to change it. You are probably wondering how you can avoid having this realization and even worse, living the whole entire lifetime that precedes it.  Assisting you in avoiding this and even more importantly, living a life that speaks to your soul and fills you with passion, joy, love and vitality, is my mission in life.

I am so passionate about it that I have created my flagship course to guide you. In Law of Attraction: Using Basic NLP Anyone Can Master, you will discover:

·         That it’s an inside job. Your achievements and happiness in life are not dependent upon outside influences and opportunities. IN fact, you already have everything you need to manifest the life of your dreams and in this course you will finally learn how to do that.

·         How to become more intuitive and filled with self-love. You will shift from thinking and struggling to knowing and flowing.  

·         How to easily enhance and strengthen the bon and connection of any relationship beyond your wildest dreams.

·         How to manifest from start to finish.

·         Simple NLP hacks that enable you to easily shift your belief models to be aligned with your manifesting goals.

This course is unlike any other:

·         Featuring live, online weekly workshops to inspires, support and energize you.

·         Step by step and customizable guided assignments to walk you through the process every step of the way.

·         Professional how to videos

enroll today to get your seat in the course for half off. Limited availability

enroll today to get your seat in the course for half off. Limited availability

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You get all of this for less than the price of a daily latte! The presale enables me to offer you an incredible opportunity to save 50% off the normal price for your place in the course. It’s a total win win because the pre sale also enables me to offer higher production quality and a better learning experience in the course. Thank you!