Gratitude, There Are A Thousand Ways to Kneel & Kiss the Ground

 I woke up with this quote in my mind this morning :-)

I woke up with this quote in my mind this morning :-)

I think about this quote a lot. Gratitude comes to mind but that’s low hanging fruit. Its easy to be grateful for all of the good things. I think this begs more creativity, more putting into action and engaging with emotion. For me, it inspires seeking and sharing love & gratitude in the mundane or cold, dark places. To choose to listen with a forgiving and compassionate heart when someone is angry. To choose to see how a fire that may have burned you is just pushing you to re-imagine yourself and grow into someone new, better. To choose to quiet all of the chatter in your heart and mind for long enough to look around and realize “all of this is really quite amazing and I am a part of it”. Indeed, there are at least a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground in any given day and one good reason to do it. Resonance. In choosing to do so It raises the vibration of both ourselves and those around us.

We don’t manifest or attract what we want in life, but what we feel. How we feel is very much a matter of choice and how we choose to look at the everyday occurrences in our lives. I see this beautiful quote from Rumi as a reminder of that choice. Why do we not do this naturally? Why does it seem so much easier to focus on (and then attract) the negative aspects of things? Quite simply, we have been taught and conditioned to see and experience the world in this way. And so we get caught in this negative cycle of seeing, feeling and attracting negativity into our lives.

The way out is the same as the way in! We can just as easily re-train our brains to enable and empower us to vibrate at the higher love based frequencies using simple NLP techniques. Learn more about using NLP to master the law of attraction.



The 1 easy NLP shift you can make today to stop victim mentality & empower your law of attraction

 Shifting to an internal locus of control shifts your own belief models which empowers you!

Shifting to an internal locus of control shifts your own belief models which empowers you!

Some people feel self-empowered while others feel like victims. In psychology, this perspective is called, “Internal Locus of Control vs. External Locus of Control.” Having an internal locus of control not only makes day to day life a whole lot more pleasant and rewarding, it also empowers you to bring more good things into your own life simply because you feel fully empowered to do so. In fact you are the captain of your own soul! Obviously how you feel creates the energy that dictates what you are attracting through the law of attraction so it’s vital that you understand, experience for yourself, and  feel how truly empowered you are.The good news is that you can stop the victim mentality today! Here is one incredibly easy  NLP based practice that you can start using right now to create and maintain a powerful internal locus of control perspective.

The problem

The problem is that we are taught and continue to practice placing our emotional energy on outcomes. “I will be happy when this happens” “If only this were different” “I am determined to achieve, do or become this”. This outcome orientated thinking is based in the future and even more fundamentally on what you are not which is your now state or now feeling.

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This is a problem for at least three reasons

 When you shift your locus of control, you radically empower your own law of attraction.

When you shift your locus of control, you radically empower your own law of attraction.

First of all, the energy of this emotional feeling that you are holding onto so earnestly right now is exactly what you are attracting. Secondly, there are only two possible outcome here (achieving the goal or not) and both of those seem to be fairly outside of your control. Third, in working so hard toward that one and only goal, any set backs, misses or lack of achievement tend to be falsely internalized as either lack of self-worth or self-love. “nothing ever works out for me” “no one helps me” “I’m not able, capable, worthy of this”.  Ewe!

The solution

I had this realization while lying on the hyrdomassage bed at the gym today. I said to myself “oh my goodness sakes, that’s so simple” and I think you will agree! The simple NLP based technique is quite simply to shift your perspective of any situation, issue, process etc.  from one that is based on goals and outcomes to one that is based on your own intentions.  You see, when you are focused on the outcome, you are waiting, hoping, trying, working toward and dependent upon that success to validate yourself and create whatever emotional energy state you are looking to achieve. Conversely,  when you approach the whole shebang from your own intention, you are running the show. Based on the intention that you have clarified, you are empowered at any stage of the process, to evaluate and modify. There is no winning or losing there is only evolution and growing of your own internal strength.

Let me shake it down…


Lets say you have a “goal” to secure a new job that you are excited about. Pretty standard right and imagine the process of applying, having your friends rehearse your interview process with you, daydreaming/visualizing  the outcome, thinking about how your life will be improved once you get this job!

Now, if you approach this from the perspective of your own intentions. First clarify your intentions- what are they? What do you want in this new job, more creativity, freedom, income, a shorter commute, what? Ok, so these are you intention- not the job. So now you have released all of this high vibe energy and potential from being locked up in something you have little control over (the job). You have released (letting go) resistance and empowered yourself. Now that you have identified and more closely clarified your own intentions you are empowered to use them as the marker by which you evaluate choices and actions in your life. So for example, last year it was my intention to generate more income for the holidays. I was offered a gig that paid but not well. It was income but was not aligned with my intention for myself to generate more income. I politely declined, felt great about not sacrificing my own value of the quality of my time and later that same day, I was offered the exact same gig, by another company for twice the rate of pay. Another example, let’s say you’ve identified one of your key intentions as having more flexibility of time. This intention based perspective now gives the freedom to also explore different variations on your current work offerings, other jobs, other combinations capable of changing your income to time spent ratio in the way that would like.

What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

Well here is the best part: When you shift to your own intention based perspective, you cannot fail. You always have the choice.  There is only discovery and growth. There is only moving closer to or away from the experiences, options, relationships, choices, opportunities and so on that are aligned with your intentions. You become more clearly able to see whether or not something is aligned with your intentions and adjust as you go along accordingly. You are empowered!  No one holds the key to this but you!

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The 3 Keys to Setting Powerful Law of Attraction Intentions

 Intentions are the root of your vibration.

Intentions are the root of your vibration.

People set “intentions” all the time, often not realizing that they are setting themselves up for failure. Are you unknowingly setting an intention that is actually rooted in limiting beliefs, vibrating from fear based emotions and attracting more of what you don’t want into your life? What can you do to set strong intentions that attract positive people, experiences and relationships into your life? Let’s find out!  

Through Your Intentions, You Create Your Own Vibration!

1. Key # 1 is to understand the vibrational energy that you are creating within yourself with the actual creation of your intention and manifesting goal. You attract what you feel, not what you want. The vibrational energy of your emotions/feelings are either based in the lower fear based emotions or the higher love based emotions. So you want to be sure that the actual intention that you are setting is based in the higher love based emotions. Your subconscious programming is set by the vibrational energy of your emotions. Many people set themselves up for failure right out of the gate by failing to keep this critical principle in mind when approaching the whole idea of conscious creation and setting intentions/manifesting goals.

State Your Intentions in the Most Powerful Way.

2. key #2 For powerful law of attraction intention setting your want to focus on how you craft your intention. Check out this video on intention setting here. How to state your intention: I am ___________ or a greater or higher equivalent that is in the greatest good for all involved . Why each part is important- “I am”  (stated in the now & feeling state). Also choose a manifesting goal here that is believable to your current subconscious programming.  You attract what you feel, not what your desire (which is often actually maintaining a feeling of a state of lack). “or a greater or higher equivalent” – allows you to leave creative room for the infinite possibility and to also let go of attachment to a specific outcome.  “For greatest and highest good of all involved”. This is based on unconditional love. It enables you to both stay in the higher love based vibrating emotions as well as to let go of resistance.

How to Practice Being in the Feeling State

3. Key # 3 Once you have invested the time and effort into creating a powerful intention vibrating in love based emotional energy you want to make sure it sticks. How many times have you written out visions statements. Goals, intentions and so on, felt excited & empowered and then never really returned to your intentions or those feelings? There are many ways to set intentions and overwrite the limiting beliefs of your subconscious programming. A simple technique to use is “feeling based repetition”.  By now you’ve surely heard of and probably practiced affirmations. You’ve probably written your intentions down and placed them where you can see them frequently. These are great baby steps but the key is in creating and feeling the emotions. These vibrating, energetic emotions are what will reprogram your subconscious. 

You want to practice the new thoughts and feelings associated with your intention throughout the day. This is just like working out or building any new skill, you are repeatedly impressing upon your subconscious mind these feelings, again and again until it becomes your new programing and your new emotional vibration. Let’s say your  intention is to evolve your career and income. Several times throughout the day you want to stop and visualize in full detail what life is like in that state. How do you feel, what are you doing? In visualizing this you will drum of the actual feelings associated with it, inside of yourself. Now practice transplanting that feeling to other moments in your day. Revisit it, invite it back in, approach daily tasks and activities with that feeling. The more you do this consciously, the more automatic and subconscious the feeling will become.

 Becoming aware of your own intentions is one of the most powerful things you can do to raise your own vibration.

Becoming aware of your own intentions is one of the most powerful things you can do to raise your own vibration.

Your intentions are vitally important. They are at the core of what you are actually feeling which is generating your vibrational energy pattern. You are attracting things into your life that match the vibrational pattern of your feelings. Bringing your own intentions into your awareness enables you to go directly to the root of your vibrations and make adjustments that align with your conscious desires.

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Law of Attraction Memes For You

Keeping yourself in  a good head-space is vital to maintaining your forward momentum. Here is a round up of some of my favorite Law of Attraction quotes to surround yourself with an share with your friends and family. 



Discover How to Power boost The Law of Attraction Using Simple NLP

According to hospice nurse and best selling author, Broni Ware, the most frequently heard regret of the dying is: “I wish I would have had the courage to live a life true to myself”.

This fact really resonates with me because about 8 years ago, I realized I was on the fast track to living this life and knew I needed to change it. You are probably wondering how you can avoid having this realization and even worse, living the whole entire lifetime that precedes it.  Assisting you in avoiding this and even more importantly, living a life that speaks to your soul and fills you with passion, joy, love and vitality, is my mission in life.

I am so passionate about it that I have created my flagship course to guide you. In Law of Attraction: Using Basic NLP Anyone Can Master, you will discover:

·         That it’s an inside job. Your achievements and happiness in life are not dependent upon outside influences and opportunities. IN fact, you already have everything you need to manifest the life of your dreams and in this course you will finally learn how to do that.

·         How to become more intuitive and filled with self-love. You will shift from thinking and struggling to knowing and flowing.  

·         How to easily enhance and strengthen the bon and connection of any relationship beyond your wildest dreams.

·         How to manifest from start to finish.

·         Simple NLP hacks that enable you to easily shift your belief models to be aligned with your manifesting goals.

This course is unlike any other:

·         Featuring live, online weekly workshops to inspires, support and energize you.

·         Step by step and customizable guided assignments to walk you through the process every step of the way.

·         Professional how to videos

 enroll today to get your seat in the course for half off. Limited availability

enroll today to get your seat in the course for half off. Limited availability

Why a Pre Sale?

You get all of this for less than the price of a daily latte! The presale enables me to offer you an incredible opportunity to save 50% off the normal price for your place in the course. It’s a total win win because the pre sale also enables me to offer higher production quality and a better learning experience in the course. Thank you!


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How You Can Use Simple NLP Language Hacks to Enhance Your Law of Attraction

 More words to empower you!

More words to empower you!

You may be asking yourself, “what is NLP and how can I use it to enhance the law of attraction?” Well, I have stellar news for you. NLP is easy to use and rapidly tips the law of attraction scale in your favor. In truth, the law of attraction is a powerful force and is always in effect. Right at this moment, you attracting into your life, exactly what you believe in your subconscious mind. The problem is that thanks to years of passive conditioning and entrainment of your subconscious mind, most of what is in there is not aligned with your higher self and what you REALY want in your life.

This is where NLP (nuero-linguistic programing) comes into play. Just as easily as your subconscious programming was developed though no creative control of your own (all of these years!) it can be reprogrammed according to your own choosing.

Now how would you like to move from thinking and struggling to knowing and effortless flowing through life? The reality is that we were designed to do the latter. It’s just that years and years of adopting the mindsets, belief models and habits of those around us have created dis-empowering belief models and subconscious beliefs that do not serve us.

Problem talk creates problems, solution talk creates solutions.
— Steve de Shazer

There are literally hundreds of NLP strategies that you can easily adopt into your daily habits that will change your belief models and in turn, what you are attracting into your life. One of my favorites is the very simple act of adopting language hacks. The words you use are sending strong messages into the programming of your subconscious mind. Unfortunately, much of the vocabulary that we adopt is actually what is known as dis-empowering language. For example, imagine how your own attitude about what you are about to do changes when you switch from  using the phrase "have to" to "get to" or even "want to"? Now notice how in that last sentence I did not say "if" I said "when"- see what I'm doing here? When you consciously switch your choices in words, you make great strides in shifting the programing of your belief models and the subconscious mind.

Here’s a few examples:

If you say: I’m trying to get along better with my spouse.  

Why this is poor programing for your Law of Attraction: this tells your subconscious mind that your current state is not getting along well with your spouse and also that while an effort has been made there is no expectation of success- just trying, leaves lots of room for attempting to justify why this is not happening. What you focus on, you attract.

Better: I am getting along better with my spouse (tells your subconscious mind that you are making headway in attaining a better relationship, puts the attainment of the goal in the present, more affirmative)

If you say: “I hope everything works out”

Why this is poor programing for your Law of Attraction: Telling your subconscious mind that luck, hope, wishful thinking is your only small chance- this one is right up there with maybe… which usually means no. hope is on the edge of the lower vibrating emotion of fear and based in the law of resistance.

Better:  “ I have faith that everything is working out as it should” (power statement! Faith is a much higher vibrating emotion. With this statement you have given yourself permission to let go of worry and fear and opened up to an infinite number of possible positive solutions and outcomes ).

How to Do it

When you become more consciously aware of your word choices you can then change them as well. Its all about becoming consciously aware of how deffective your own habitual speech pattern is and choosing to swap out words until it becomes automatice (your new way of thinking- yay!) After you do this several times, the new word choice becomes automatic and subconscious. you have then successfully reprogrammed yourself for that word or phrase and begun shifting your own mindset/belief model and hence what you are attracting to yourself-  go you!

Each time you speak (or think of what you are going to say) get in the habit of thinking about what message each word choice is sending to your subconscious mind. This is a part of your programming language. When you make shifts in the programming language you make shifts in your belief models which then effect what you experience and attract in life.

 There is a more positive alternative for almost every word. Here are some ideas to get you started.

There is a more positive alternative for almost every word. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Imagine what type of life experiences show up for a person who constantly uses the word never?

For example, imagine what type of life experiences show up for a person who constantly uses the word never? "things never work out for me" "I never get what I want". Ouch... its painful to even write it. Now imagine what type of life experiences show up for someone who says things like "My life is so interesting and full of great surprises" or " The universe has far better plans for me than I could ever make for myself". That last one is practically my mantra but I think you get my point. Language hacks are easy and fun, what words can you start shifting today?


Are you looking to better understand and harness the power of the Law of Attraction? Come join us! The Law of Attraction Success System: Using Simple NLP offers live weekly workshops.


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Do Anything Better with the Proven NLP Technique of Modeling

 Do anything better with NLP modeling

Do anything better with NLP modeling

One of the best things about being a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner is the constant growth and learning that I do myself using these techniques. One of my favorite techniques is modeling because it is so easy and customizable to any pursuit. Modeling is not new to you at all, you’ve been doing it since you were a child. It is one of the major behavioral learning skills that we all used as small children to develop our first abilities and still use today to subconsciously adopt our behaviors, skills, mindsets etc. from those around us (whether we realize it or not). However now you can take this automatic process that happens daily and use it with creative and laser focus to become better at anything.

Here’s How it Works:

You start with something you would like to be better at. Maybe it’s your marriage, your golf swing, your parenting, your ability to network- pick anything! Then you find someone who is truly stellar at what you would like to get better at. You often hear me saying that anything is possible and that is true. The fact is that ANY person committed to mastering the model can do so — provided there aren’t any biological limitations that make it impossible.

You simply observe the chosen “outstanding performer” repeatedly and in close detail. You look for what and how they do everything related to what you are looking to get better at and then model those actions, behaviors, word choices, perspectives, everything!

I’ll give you a personal example and it is in fact the reason I am writing this today. Last week, my hairdresser, Lisa was working her magic on my hair. It always looks like threads of silk when she blows it out and a hippie squirrel when I do. At first I thought it might be the shampoo, hairdryer, brush? Something I did not have perhaps? But then I decided to just use the modeling technique and learn to nail down this fabulous blow out ability (that sounds just a little bit wrong doesn’t it;-).

I watched very closely at each step. The way she sectioned it with a clip and blew it in sections. The amount of hair pulled onto the brush, the angle and direction of  the dryer. The amount of time she held the brush at each section and how many times she pulled it through again before pulling the dryer away and letting that section fall.  I was paying very close attention. Today I had an opportunity to put what I had observed to practice with my standard arsenal of products and tools at home. I simply modeled what I had seen in great detail. The results? Absolutely fabulous! I’m truly delighted and all I had to do was use the free and highly practical technique of modeling. Anyone can do it with any type of improvement goal- including you!



Opiates, Life, Death, Change & Codiebase

 Codie,and the family, two days before his passing

Codie,and the family, two days before his passing

I used to be so grateful that I was simply fascinated by life. Because a fascination with life brings a new dynamic to every joy, challenge, encounter, relationship and experience in life. But on January 9th, 2018 that all changed. My son, Codie William Reeves passed away from an opiate/fentanyl overdose.  It’s a long and interesting story but to make a long story shortish, I am now fascinated by more than ever before. I am fascinated by all of consciousness. When someone passes away, (if you look) you will see all things, including past & current experiences, in whole new light. In my case I gained an even deeper understanding of love, the interconnectedness of all things and transcendence of consciousness through the passing of my son from this plane.  I also gained a macabre fascination with the opiate  epidemic, pharmaceutical holocaust, or whatever you want to call this shit show that is going on in plain sight.  

Let me back up for just a moment before moving forward. My time here with Codie has taught me so much. Codie taught me about love, endurance, connection, and the absolute beauty and vitality of the human spirit. I also learned things I wish no one would ever have to learn and that is about the devastating nature of the opiate epidemic that we are all facing right now. Since his death, so many people, of all types and walks of life, have reached out to me to share their stories. The opiate epidemic does not discriminate and has few survivors.  Even the “surviving” friends and family member's lives have been touched and forever changed. No one deserves this, not the victims who become addicted, not their friends and families who struggle right alongside them and not society as a whole, that loses out in countless ways. Check out this staggering statistic: Expert statisticians expect that opiate deaths will claim 500,000 people in the US, in the next decade.  In honor of Codie and every single solitary human being on this planet,  I am bringing my own insights, experiences and alternative approach to thriving, to the fight against the opiate epidemic in the form of  

Please share this post and

I have just begun to set up the structure of the site. I will add to it extensively over the next two months and in an ongoing fashion as I stay on top of the ever evolving alternative approaches to preventing and treating opiate use & addiction.

Please visit and share it with your friends. I am looking for as many resources and insights as possible. I am looking for resources, ideas and also the real stories of those who have prevented or overcome addiction. All input is welcome, please contact me with yours and please share!



March 9th, 2018

Codie would have been 25 years old today!


Codie would have been 25 years old today! A river begins its life at its source, in the uplands, it twists and turns, carving out its path until it finally stretches out into the ocean. A human life is much the same.  In the greater system of things, all water is constantly cycling through the planet and the atmosphere, remaining, in some shape or form, within that same system. Likewise, regardless of form (be it a memory, consciousness, spirituality, love, a catalyst for change, or however you want to think of it) a life lived carves a path, leaves a trace and endures.  



How to Create Your Vision

How to Create Your Vision.jpg

There is no substitute for vision!

Yes, its true that I have learned and always say "The Universe has far better plans for me than I could have ever made for myself. That is faith. But faith without work is dead. While our journey can take us to far more interesting places than we could have ever imagined, we must also understand and engage the creative power that we all have within us. When you create a vision for yourself you are putting your ore in the water and steering the boat toward the direction you would like to go in. We all have the freewill to do this but many folks do not. They simply go round and round, wondering why they have not made more progress or continue to experience the same struggles in life.  

Crafting your vision can be done in many ways:

You can visualize it, creating a movie style vision in your mind.

You can write it out in any form that speaks to you.

You can draw pictures or simply make a vision board.

You can talk about it with your friends and family.

Know This: What you continue to imagine for yourself and tell yourself is seeding the data in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is a highly efficient and functioning machine. You will be moved toward that which you visualize for yourself. More than that, you will find that which you have visualized moving quickly toward you! 

How do you know this is true? Well don't take my word for it, simply find out for yourself. Start visualizing and creating your own vision today. Do it daily and notice how quickly things come to fruition. Follow me on Facebook and be sure to check back and let me know how your vision is creating your reality!



Learn How to Turn Back the Clock Naturally

Imagine yourself talking to someone 10 years from now that explains how they are using the new science of epigenetics to transform their body and you have to laugh because you have leveraging this science based technique for years. Imagine people taking training to shift their own mindsets about ageing (because again, the science clearly shows this has a huge impact) and you have already shifted your own.

Well after almost a year in the making, I am beyond delighted to share with you my new course on the Daily Om platform. I spent a  long time researching the revolutionary concepts in this course and developing a super easy format to enable you to incorporate them into your life.

What I discovered, and am excited to share with you, are the shockingly easy ways for you to transform your health, vitality and youthfulness. Come with an open mind because while many of the topics "make total sense" once someone points them out to you, there are several techniques in here that are well ahead of their time.

It is such a huge honor to be joining the Daily Om family, especially with a course like this that is so ahead if its time! They have a flexible pay what you can model- enroll in Turn Back the Clock Naturally today!

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