I racked my teacher brain to come up with a quick and easy mnemonic for this one. I wanted to keep this last thought on forgiveness short and sweet. My thinking here is that all things have value (enter silver lining speech) and that moving forward, as a more evolved individual, empowers you. Sometimes you need to forgive someone else, and in other times, just yourself. Some mistakes are small and others send the “oops”ometer into a tail spin. Still the result at the end of the game that we choose to play with ourselves, is always the same. We learn from it and move on.  That can be sooner or later? Perhaps, an unwillingness to forgive is really just our way of holding onto pain? Replace that pain with a positive attribute (in this case personal growth for the win!) and you free yourself to move on as a stronger and more complete person. So without further adieu, behold the simple Me/You approach to forgiveness: