So most nights before I go to sleep I jot down a list of tiny little things from my day that I am grateful for. Something someone said, or the sound of the kids breaking out in laughter, maybe even just getting a parking spot right in front of the house when I have a carload of groceries. Sometimes I also pick up old lists (like from several years ago) and reread them. When I do, I find I can remember even the smallest of things in great detail and get that same great feeling from them all over again.

Many of the emotions that we feel are directly generated by our thoughts. Our perception about anything, including life in general, is merely the result of what we constantly think about. Taking time each day to fill your mind with reminders of what you are grateful for is an easy way to shift toward and stay in, the realm of positive thinking. Gratitude has been shown to enhance physical health, emotional well-being, careers, relationships and more. Try it for a week, you will be happier and healthier, you’ll see. Here are 26 or so scientific research studies that have found this to be the case: