sweet potato, chicken and spinach salad

When my son expressed interest in this salad I couldn’t get to the farmer’s market fast enough to start collecting the ingredients and experimenting with recipes. Sweet potatoes are jam packed with vitamins and minerals and bring a very pleasant sweetness to compliment the tang of the balsamic dressing in this hearty & healthy  family friendly recipe. You may want to make a double batch of the cooked sweet potatoes and chicken. The sweet potatoes and chicken can be prepared and stored separately in the refrigerator and added to the spinach and dressing for a quick yet decadent salad in a moment’s notice! Note that this salad can be served warm or cold. Be sure to use the buttons on the left to save this recipe on Pinterest or your favorite site!


Healthy homemade balsamic dressing

1 Tablespoon of Coconut oil

2 cloves of garlic mashed or finely diced

2 large sweet potatoes

2 chicken breast sliced into thin strips

Sea salt & pepper

3 cups fresh spinach

2 Table spoons of thin sliced pecans (optional)


1.      Clean and dry your spinach and toss in homemade balsamic dressing

2.      In a skillet warm the coconut oil and brown the chicken & one garlic clove, remove chicken from skillet.

3.      Scrape the skillet to loosen up and stir any bits of garlic and the oil. Add diced sweet potatoes and the second clove of garlic and return to medium heat. Salt and pepper to taste. Cook until sweet potatoes are just soft and gently browning on edges. Return chicken to skillet and stir to coat and mix.

4.      Gently fold sweet potatoes and chicken into dressed spinach and sprinkle with pecan slices.

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Save your favorite recipes on Pinterest