“oh my God, I’m still alive, this is awesome”

I start every morning with prayers of gratitude and a visualization. Before I reach for my phone or start thinking of things to do I reflect on all that I am grateful for? This usually begins with “oh my God, I’m still alive, this is awesome” and then I work my way down from there. Then I visualize the feelings and experiences I would like myself and my children and everyone who comes to mind to have during this day. That’s the seed of faith that I plant in the morning and faith rocks. But faith without action is dead right? So I have goals. Goals are awesome too. I review my list of things to do today after I get up. So I’m planning or setting my intentions and then by having a goal, focusing my mind on the end result. It occurred to me recently though that in my earnest investment into these two ends of the project I was missing out on the joys of the juiciest part. The becoming.

it’s going on right now

We place so much value on achievement that we devalue all of the in-between moments in one fell swoop as not being good enough relative to that great moment of achievement.  The true beauty in life is not in the planning or achieving, it’s actually in the becoming. This post was not on my list of things to do today and yet here I am. Hearing my own fingers tapping the keyboard is the sound track to a tiny little slice of my journey. In some way I know it’s important but I cannot see the direct relationship between it and anything else and yet I’m doing it. I’m in the process of evolving something. Perhaps it’s something inside me. Perhaps something that might reach or speak to someone else?  I might never know the connections or relationship but it’s going on right now! It’s irrelevant. I am right at this moment and any given moment, constantly becoming in some way. When you take the focus away from the achievement (that golden ring off in the future that may or may not be grabbed) you free your mind to engage in the right now, the becoming. 

The Becoming

The truth is that any vision can be put into action. Goals can be set, lists can be made and accomplishments achieved. That might be as simple as having lunch with a friend, planning a healthy meal, or grocery shopping. It might be a huge undertaking like creating a new project, cleaning out the basement or working on your marriage. My point is simply to not get too caught up in the planning or the inevitable achievement but instead focus on the doing, the becoming. All of the little points along the way are the ones that contribute to our self-actualization not the mere checking of a box.  There will always be another lunch, another room to organize, another relationship to evolve. We have never really reached the goal  because we are always becoming. Achieving is about overcoming; we do that at way points. Evolving is about becoming; we do that constantly. We might as well savor every bite!