I'll be launching in a few weeks. Are you ready to high five?

I'll be launching in a few weeks. Are you ready to high five?

I love high fiving people. Oddly enough, more than one person has encouraged me to refrain from this habit. Whenever someone says this to me there is usually a little voice in my head that thinks “maybe you’re not my people”. While we may feel a little awkward initiating the high five, I’ve discovered that almost everyone loves to get one. In fact I wrote about it in my book, Freelark. As a personal experiment try randomly high fiving people and note the results. Think about it, how do you feel when someone high fives you? Maybe a little awkward sure but on the whole we feel engaged, supported and energized. Generally speaking, high fives are awesome! 

So of course by some beautiful serendipity, the universe placed me right in the path of James Kies, the man behind high five. I’m pretty sure you don’t know what high five is yet, but you soon will! In the few weeks that I’ve known him, he has turned my whole perception of life and possibilities on its head. Rather than living life in a linear way I’m now engaging in it in a more holistic fashion. Instead of looking at growth, learning, challenges, and opportunities from a top down linear perspective, I am now learning to immerse and engage fully in a bottom up form of growth with unlimited potential. Top down growth offers a narrow, predefined scope of possibilities and development. A bottom up approach offers unlimited possibilities- it’s a game changer that can be applied to every aspect of your life. I’ve been learning through immersion. Being thrown into the pool and experiencing it for yourself, is the very best way to fully understand the potential and experience of high five. In groups of five (and yes we high five every single day) we move forward together.  

No matter what you are trying to accomplish at any point in your life, remember, you were not designed to do this alone!

Why does this high five system work so well? We are all connected in ways we cannot even fully understand. No matter what you are trying to accomplish at any point in your life, remember, you were not designed to do this alone! We were all designed to love, support, and uplift each other. Visualize a pack of cyclist racing. Together in that pack, they create a slip stream allowing them all to move forward, faster and more efficiently as a group. Likewise, geese travel in a V formation to maximize their travel potential. There is both beauty and practicality in the synergy of our joined efforts.

the love is built right in.

Life, we’ve been making this harder than it really is. Sitting behind a computer, reading a book, listening to an audio course. No! Life happens face to face, voice to voice, life to life, the love is built right into the high five model. Instead of fear we offer love, where there are questions we instead find answers and options together. When you’re nervous about taking a leap you’ve got a group of caring friends saying “go on!, you’ve got this”!

I have a sincere desire to do anything in my power to support others in their own unique journey through this adventurous life. I’m going to fully engage this concept to work with others to explore possible options- gather data and do research, to set goals and make plans. Together we can all grow at exponential rates. We won’t have to spend much time talking about  the fear, the not knowing what to do, temptation to give up. That all becomes small potatoes when you have a group of other people helping build your forward movement and saying “no, no, I got you, you can do this- let’s explore the options and move forward shoulder to shoulder, You’ve got this”.  It’s a game changer for sure- I’m launching in a few weeks, come on and join the adventure with me. High Five!