Let’s face it, if you’re doing it even close to the right way, life is an adventure. We fluctuate between the comfort and security of the familiar and the offer of evolution and adventure of the unknown. So when you’re running among the delicious mountains and valleys you’re inevitably going to take a few wrong turns, have to jump over some hurdles and might bump into a few bears. If you run into a bear, you’re in trouble, yell “oh shit”  and run like hell, you can figure the rest out when you return to safety! But most things aren’t bears they’re fears, hurdles and sometimes missteps, or mistakes.

Don’t beat yourself up about it! When you put a lot of thought into where you went wrong you run the risk of labeling yourself and creating baggage that you then have to carry on your journey until you realize that the deeper mistake was in labeling yourself and choosing to carry that baggage in the first place.  Instead be prepared to pivot. Ask yourself, what happened, what did I do here? What can I learn from it and what is the better choice? Just pivot and keep moving forward.