I prefer real books i.e. not digital. Once I've read through them once I only keep a select few that I know I will reread again and again.  I've been dragging aroundDanielle Laport's book, The Fire Starter Sessions  for 4 years now in all of its dog eared and highlighted glory. Its seen me through a relationship, the purchase of a new home, building lives and memories with friends and family and a few days when I really needed to be reminded of just how on fire life is.
I've even sent it to a student of mine who confided that she was struggling to keep her spark lit.

Obviously I'm a fan and here is the simple reason why. No matter where you are in your day or your life you can jump in anywhere and find something to lift you up and keep you going. - on top of the mountain looking to keep that momentum, its in there. Even that double espresso ain't cutting it, its in there. Feeling a little ho hum- hello Fire Starter! Sometimes I open it up and point for a daily message.

Here's what I got today:

She's busy for sure but the muse loves it when you actually play with her. When she drops an idea in your bucket you can push her to expound on what she's thinking. You can ask her what chapter should come next or where to go for funding. She could yammer till dawn and before you know it you've mapped out your magnum opus.

and On that note... I have to go!