A visionary is someone who thinks about and plans the future with imagination and wisdom. We are all inherently true visionaries at our core. Daydreaming of the possibilities in life inevitably leaves you with a smile on your face and warmth in your soul. Brining those dreams to fruition empowers our intuitive knowing that whatever we can dream and believe in, we can also achieve.  With the vision and birth of each dream we strengthen an unshakable belief. A belief that what is born through intuitive knowing in our imagination can be brought to life and made possible. The more we experience this, the stronger it becomes and the more able we become in bringing our dreams to life. Through this constant cycle of dreaming, realizing our dreams and then dreaming bigger still, we find our lives taking on meaning and purpose, the world becoming a better place, and the inevitable evolution of life continuing on its due course.

How many times have you imagined a possibility and thought to yourself. “It’s a little crazy, a little outside the norm, but hey maybe that could really be?”  You might keep your vision to yourself and work toward it. You might find success and those around you will say “wow, you go, that’s super cool”.  But that’s a long lonely road to go and frankly not much fun. Success comes most often through trial and error, learning, adapting and holding the vision of the light in your mind until it finally begins to flicker and catch fire. There are so many opportunities to let go, walk away, and settle back into the familiarity of what is rather than to continue to reach for what could be.

Now imagine if someone shared your vision, how much easier does it become to hold on, to keep moving forward, and to overcome hurdles and obstacles. Infinitely easier!  Just to have one person share your vision, to see the possibility, empowers you in almost immeasurable ways. It’s that little extra bit of oxygen you need to keep the sparks blowing when the flames have not yet taken hold. It’s turning around when you want to quit and seeing that person behind you shooing you onward. It’s the hand on your back that makes the last mile bearable. Though seemingly unremarkable, sharing the vision of another is one of the greatest things we can do for one another.