The best time to unlock your potential and live your life to the fullest is right now!

The best time to unlock your potential and live your life to the fullest is right now!

Knowing what path to take at any juncture in life is far easier then we have made it out to be. In it most simple form this quote from St. Augustine sums up the reality of your choices: “Love and do what you will.” The truth is that in your gut and heart of hearts you know what you want to do.Even if you are not in tune with it, your intuition is always working.   If that want fits the bill of this one simple universal law, well then you are free to do it! Not doing what you want to do (when this law is met) is not caring for your soul, saying no to your dreams, robbing the world of your true light that is working so desperately to shine. You need to stop that right now and here’s why.

Love and do what you will.
— St. Augustine


1.      Trusting your intuition empowers you. The flow of your creation cycle is natural. You have an inherent knowing of  what, who and how your being is. Living within that flow frees you from “shoulds” and worries, releasing more of your own energy to put into yes’s and a forward movement that feels not only natural but empowering. When you learn through experience, to trust your intuition, you begin developing that all empowering sense of faith that will naturally guide your life.

2.      It enables you to break free from limiting beliefs of others. 95% of your actions and beliefs are generated in your subconscious mind. The current subconscious mindset that you hold now was created by a lifetime of input. If you have not been doing what you want to do then basically 95% of who you are right now is the result of the input of others. Umm, no, just no. When you begin to stop and consciously choose your choices, your beliefs, and your life, your subconscious mindset then begins to become your own and begins to become aligned with your super-conscious where your intuitive knowing resides.  This alignment is amazeballs and brings true freedom and enlightenment.

3.      It enables you to get back in touch with your dreams. Your hopes and dreams are the fuel of your soul. Igniting the spark and fanning the flames of your dreams is what truly makes you feel alive. While the input and support of others can be very beneficial, how many of your dreams have been put to rest by well-meaning input from others. Others will often project their own fears and lack of belief when encouraging you to take a certain course of action. They may lack the vision needed to encourage your dreams. On some level, they may feel safer when those around them share their own misery of not realizing their dreams. Trusting your inner voice fuels your dreams, allowing you to free yourself from the conflicting voices of friends, family and the media.

4.      It nurtures a vibrant, healthy body and mind. Stress is one of the biggest factors in disease of the body and mind. It leads directly to physical suffering, as well as anxiety, lack of motivation, social withdraw, over eating, anger and a whole host of bad things that nobody wants anything to do with. When you take back the power of your own choices, when you love and do what you will, you naturally eliminate most of the real and perceived sources of stress, opening you up to be the vibrant healthy body and soul you were designed to be.

5.      The world needs you to shine. You were born with beautiful & amazing things to bring into this world that only you have to offer. When you say yes to who you really are, you say yes to bringing those elements of yourself to life in the world and making it a better place for others.