Maybe we should trade in knowing ourselves for being ourselves? 

Maybe we should trade in knowing ourselves for being ourselves? 

You don’t have to know yourself to be yourself (in fact it’s probably better that way)


I am huge fan of being yourself which I’ve realized lately is different than knowing yourself. Who am I? IDK and I don’t much care. It seems to me that in defining ourselves, we immediately limit ourselves. All possibilities are limitless until you apply the limits of your own thinking. Boundaries are an illusion of the mind. Reflect on your own triumphs for a moment and I think you will agree that you are capable of anything. What we do and how we show up in life changes from moment to moment. In trying to define those things and ourselves & others are we not just applying limits, judgment and expectations? And wait, then are we living in the moment, enjoying the journey? Hell to the NO.


Your are not the same person you were when you started reading this post. You are turning over 96 million cells per minute. You have been introduced to ideas that you are synthesizing and are possibly shifting your mindset. “Always changing you are” as Yoda might say.  So why not just be that person whoever he or she is and revel in that? Being you is quite liberating and changes from day to day, moment to moment.

I don’t know "who" you are but I do know that you are a radiant journey of spirit- be that, and as my Dad always tells me… “enjoy the journey.”