We are all in a constant state of evolution with knowledge folding over upon itself. One understanding adding to and playing upon another as we continuously become and move forward. To that end I love reading! I read and reflect and experiment with things in my life based on what I’ve learned and then make my own understandings and the process continues on and on. To that end, here are some of the most powerful books that I have read and of course a recommendation for my own book as well! Note that all links are affiliate links.  My hope is that some of these will speak to you and make the same impact in your life as they have in mine! Rather than include a description (you can read that on the site) I have pulled some of my favorite customer reviews to give you an idea of the content of each.

This book was recommended to me by the lovely and insightful Pamela Gold. I literally message her regularly thanking her because of the great impact it has had in my perspective of the world.

Sometimes I notice how much freedom this book and technique have given me - freedom from fear, and freedom to do whatever I want and not be enslaved by my emotions - that it nearly brings me to tears.

I’ve become so filled with love as I’ve let go of negative emotions. It’s like my entire body is filled with light — and actions and possibilities spring up naturally, no longer obscured by fear. It’s an incredible state of being and if you think it sounds silly or like nonsense, please reply to my comment and I will buy you a copy of this book. All I want is for people to know about this.
— Sean G- Amazon Review
Dr. Joe on Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, combines the science with the HOW TO apply the new discoveries that surround neuroplasticity on our daily lives. Is your life already good? Make it even better! Do you think it could be better? whether your answer is yes or not, this is a must read. I highly recommend this book.
— Claudia Ruize- Amazon Review
I love this book. Tolle describes ancient truths and applies them to life in the 21st century in a way that is inspiring and comforting. I took away from this book three simple, yet profound ideas. First and foremost, Tolle believes that we are all connected to each other and that everything we do matters and has an impact on our world. His second idea lies in the power of listening: he suggests that if we can quiet our egos long enough to truly listen, it is possible to feel a sacredness and inner harmony where everything has its perfect place. And lastly, the author speaks of the power of awareness. The moment you notice a pattern of behavior that is no longer working for you, you are a success.
— Susan, NYC- Amazon Review
This is the book to give free spirits the nudge toward financial liberation. Free Lark takes a breezy, conversational style and a light-hearted approach to improving your financial health. Backed by research and intriguing hints of personal experience, the book delivers both practical tips for lowering expenses and, more importantly, suggestions for prioritizing your budget to achieve the unbounded life adventure your soul seeks. Each chapter provides specific goals and steps to take for freeing yourself from economic bondage.
— Amazon Customer Review