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Learn How to Use Creative Visualization to Achieve Your Dreams

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Most people will put their personal improvement efforts into directed conscious effort and action when in fact, research shows that 95% to 99% of everything that happens in our lives is really the result of our subconscious minds. Dr. Marcus Raichle from Harvard University, refers to this as the “default network”. According to Dr. Raichle, our default network is most active when we take a first-person perspective centered upon our own body as opposed to a third-person perspective. For example, when you are thinking and talking in your own head, you are more in the third person perspective but when you are in the moment you are accessing your default network.

This interaction with the default network of your own subconscious mind is why creative visualization is such a successful and widely used technique among top leaders, performers and athletes. Also known in the field of psychology as “mental rehearsal”, creative visualization is used to enhance relationships, performance, sales, body transformation, creativity, and more. Any type of pursuit that you might choose to enhance in life is immensely benefited by the use of creative visualization.

Why is creative visualization so effective in rapidly closing the gap between you and your goals?  

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  • The brain does not differentiate between real and imagined. When we visualize, the same regions of the brain are stimulated as when we actually experience the event and the same neural networks are created. This enables us to enhance confidence, develop skills and abilities and enjoy all of the same benefits that the actual practice in the area would have afforded us.

  • When we visualize more neural networks are formed that lead toward our goals. When your default network kicks in (95% to 99% of the time), you have stacked the deck in your favor: “all neural paths point to… “(fill in the blank with your goal).

  • The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is the data filter for your subconscious mind. Of the 2 million bits of data your mind process per second, only that which aligns with the programming of your subconscious mind is allowed to reach your conscious awareness. Creative visualization primes your RAS to align with your desired goals.

  • When you practice creative visualization in the Alpha and Theta  brainwave states, your mind is very suggestible.  Creative visualization in these states actually enables you to overcome limiting beliefs and re-program your subconscious mind for success.

  • During the relaxed creative visualization process, the great ideas and inspirations about inspired action that you can take toward your goal come in rapid succession. This brainstorming process allows you to think of ways to move toward your goal that might not have otherwise crossed your mind.

Inspired action for the win!

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Once you have primed the power of your subconscious mind for success, you are ready to take inspired action. Unlike the trial and error, brute force approach that most people take toward their goals, your inspired action is aligned with your vision for yourself and your subconscious programming and jam packed with inspired action, creating an unstoppable force within you.


Reinvent Yourself

Reinvent Yourself is a highly actionable & focused, step by step program which walks you through the entire process. First you will learn how to clarify your priorities and goals. You will learn the science behind visualization and the manifesting process so you are aware of all of the points of entry at which you can step in and become a co-creator. Your fully guided creative visualization audio will relax you down to the alpha state and walk you through your own creative visualization process. You will learn how to identify and take the inspired action through small, easy to manage weekly steps that build exponential momentum. As a bonus, you will also learn about “peak experiences” how they benefit you and how to create more of them in your life.

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Always Love!


Use coupon code:  Reinvent  to save 50% off today .  Click Here

Use coupon code: Reinvent to save 50% off today . Click Here

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How to Create Your Vision

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There is no substitute for vision!

Yes, its true that I have learned and always say "The Universe has far better plans for me than I could have ever made for myself. That is faith. But faith without work is dead. While our journey can take us to far more interesting places than we could have ever imagined, we must also understand and engage the creative power that we all have within us. When you create a vision for yourself you are putting your ore in the water and steering the boat toward the direction you would like to go in. We all have the freewill to do this but many folks do not. They simply go round and round, wondering why they have not made more progress or continue to experience the same struggles in life.  

Crafting your vision can be done in many ways:

You can visualize it, creating a movie style vision in your mind.

You can write it out in any form that speaks to you.

You can draw pictures or simply make a vision board.

You can talk about it with your friends and family.

Know This: What you continue to imagine for yourself and tell yourself is seeding the data in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is a highly efficient and functioning machine. You will be moved toward that which you visualize for yourself. More than that, you will find that which you have visualized moving quickly toward you! 

How do you know this is true? Well don't take my word for it, simply find out for yourself. Start visualizing and creating your own vision today. Do it daily and notice how quickly things come to fruition. Follow me on Facebook and be sure to check back and let me know how your vision is creating your reality!



Problem Solving Gone Wrong? Free Your Mind with the Bitch Once Rule

Through the inevitable trial and error of searching for a resolution you will learn, evolve and grow. Through acceptance you will clear up space in that beautiful mind of yours for far more prosperous and rewarding thoughts, neural networks and outcomes. In acceptance you also move away from the constant struggle of the thinking brain to the more intuitive and metaphysically empowered processes of the still mind.



3 Important Things to Know About the Power of Your Vision

Whatever you visualize, whatever vision you have, creates an anchor of data and beliefs in your subconscious mind. This is pure data. The data that your reticular activating system (RAS) is using to filter and align you with people, opportunities and experiences in your life. Its called a system for a reason. It’s very efficient. You need it to be, it’s a vital part of our three areas of consciousness (subconscious, conscious and higher conscious). It uses the things you frequently engage; thoughts, media, experiences, visualization and so on, as the data set for what you want to be aligned with in your life. Then when the billions of bits of incoming data per second are being filtered, it is selecting the data to act on and move you toward based on that data set.

1.    You can create your own vision.

What you hold in your vision sets the tone for the people, experiences and opportunities and so on that you will be drawn or moved toward. You can create your own vision in many ways. Active daily visualization is a great way to fill your own subconscious mind with the data you would like it to work from. Creating and using a vision board will enable you to anchor your vision and engage with it daily.

2.    Vision is a gift you can give and share with others.

Talk about your dreams and desires and encourage others to do the same.  This storytelling version of visualization is just as powerful. Look to everyone that you encounter and seek ways to draw out expressions and dialogs of their visions and their dream. In this way you are helping them to create their own strengthened positive vision that will be used by their RAS to draw them toward that in life. We are here to love and uplift each other. What a simple and beautiful way to contribute to another’s realization of their own dreams.

3.    If you don’t do it, someone else will do it for you.

Think about all of the negative talk, media and hype that we expose ourselves to daily? The news, the negative events and dialogs viewed on social media. Even TV programming (it’s called programming for a reason folks) fills us with divisiveness and fear and negativity. If you even think about your favorite show and the subtle nuances of interactions between people. Is it really aligned with what you say you want in life? How you want to feel, the types of relationships, opportunities and experiences you want to have? Be very selective about the media, programming, games, books and types of people you bring into your life. They are all crafting your vision, be sure they are aligned with your true vision.  



Best Transformative Books Recommendation

We are all in a constant state of evolution with knowledge folding over upon itself. One understanding adding to and playing upon another as we continuously become and move forward. To that end I love reading! I read and reflect and experiment with things in my life based on what I’ve learned and then make my own understandings and the process continues on and on. To that end, here are some of the most powerful books that I have read and of course a recommendation for my own book as well! Note that all links are affiliate links.  My hope is that some of these will speak to you and make the same impact in your life as they have in mine! Rather than include a description (you can read that on the site) I have pulled some of my favorite customer reviews to give you an idea of the content of each.

This book was recommended to me by the lovely and insightful Pamela Gold. I literally message her regularly thanking her because of the great impact it has had in my perspective of the world.

Sometimes I notice how much freedom this book and technique have given me - freedom from fear, and freedom to do whatever I want and not be enslaved by my emotions - that it nearly brings me to tears.

I’ve become so filled with love as I’ve let go of negative emotions. It’s like my entire body is filled with light — and actions and possibilities spring up naturally, no longer obscured by fear. It’s an incredible state of being and if you think it sounds silly or like nonsense, please reply to my comment and I will buy you a copy of this book. All I want is for people to know about this.
— Sean G- Amazon Review
Dr. Joe on Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, combines the science with the HOW TO apply the new discoveries that surround neuroplasticity on our daily lives. Is your life already good? Make it even better! Do you think it could be better? whether your answer is yes or not, this is a must read. I highly recommend this book.
— Claudia Ruize- Amazon Review
I love this book. Tolle describes ancient truths and applies them to life in the 21st century in a way that is inspiring and comforting. I took away from this book three simple, yet profound ideas. First and foremost, Tolle believes that we are all connected to each other and that everything we do matters and has an impact on our world. His second idea lies in the power of listening: he suggests that if we can quiet our egos long enough to truly listen, it is possible to feel a sacredness and inner harmony where everything has its perfect place. And lastly, the author speaks of the power of awareness. The moment you notice a pattern of behavior that is no longer working for you, you are a success.
— Susan, NYC- Amazon Review
This is the book to give free spirits the nudge toward financial liberation. Free Lark takes a breezy, conversational style and a light-hearted approach to improving your financial health. Backed by research and intriguing hints of personal experience, the book delivers both practical tips for lowering expenses and, more importantly, suggestions for prioritizing your budget to achieve the unbounded life adventure your soul seeks. Each chapter provides specific goals and steps to take for freeing yourself from economic bondage.
— Amazon Customer Review



How to Handle Anger With Grace

We (people) can be like a bunch of tops, all spinning on a game board. In that way, we each have our own perspective. We may never truly “see” or understand the perspective of another person but I assure you they have their own perspective. Their own point of view, their own reasons for everything they do. So sometimes another top bangs into us. Our spin is thrown off and our immediate reaction might be to get angry. Now don’t get me wrong, anger can be a good motivational emotion, serving as a much needed catalyst for our own transitions.

However, it is not meant to be a constant state of human emotion. Sometimes, we dwell in it far too much and for too long.  “Who are you to throw off my spin? Look at me; I’m now wobbling, all because of you.” If you lean too far into the wobble for too long, you will eventually spin out and go down too and what good has come of that? Sometimes you need that anger to push you toward a needed transition but often the anger over small day to day things is just creating distracting and obstructive energy in our own lives. A better option might be to right your core, focus on keeping a positive trajectory.

I like to turn to grace for this, I see it as the emotional equivalent to balance. So when you get bumped (it’s gonna happen) why not take a deep breath, let the anger have its moment (no suppressing please!), shake it off, let it out (rather than throwing it back at the other top.. er.. person) and then seek out some grace within yourself. I find so many more constructive things to do with the emotion of grace then the emotion of anger. It just seems to work out better for everyone involved. It seems to me that it’s both self-nurturing and selfless in that it allows for the respect of the other person’s perspective too. It’s a pretty rich emotion.

"It slows everything down for everyone involved, to a more comfortable pace."

As you know by now, the emotions that we repeatedly engage with become our habit of mind, our habit of being. Ones that you continuously visit like the attention and are easy to find. The more you look over in graces direction the more it will show up. Soon it becomes your emotional habit of mind and state of being. It slows everything down for everyone involved, to a more comfortable pace. It gives everyone the time and space they need to regain their perspective and right their spin. Grace is nice….   



The 3 step process to release rather than suppress negative emotions

Cheat Sheet

Emotions play a vital role in our existence

  • Emotions, sentiment, and passion are part of being alive and connecting with others.
  • Emotions often alert us to issues which we must choose to either work to resolve (take action) or choose to accept (allow the emotion to be released and return ourselves to balance).

Suppressing emotions is bad for you

  • Suppressing emotions causes stress.
  • Suppressing emotions can cause serious mental illness.
  • Suppressed  emotions negatively affect your physical health and well-being.  
  • Suppressed emotions wreak havoc in your subconscious mind and contribute to future negative life experiences.  

You have 3 choices when a negative emotion comes on the scene

  1. Address and/or fix the issue, if possible.
  2. Express your emotions if you can’t fix or address the issue.
  3. Suppress your emotions by denying that something painful happened to you!


Monday evening I found out that a friend of mine had passed away unexpectedly. Tuesday afternoon I received news that made me equally sad and joyful (that’s a weird feeling). So I spent the better part of the rest of Tuesday afternoon on the kitchen floor, propped up against the cabinets with my legs spread out like a four year old, crying and drinking iced tea.  

I’m proud of myself for this! The more we take off the “I’m ok mask” the more able we become to live our true, fullest and healthiest lives. Much of what we learn through our societal conditioning teaches and encourages us to adopt the practice of suppressing emotions.  That’s insane when you consider that emotional suppression causes system wide dysfunction and disease.

How suppressed emotions affects our bodies, our minds and our life experiences.

When you suppress an emotion it does not go away, it goes deeper! Rather than absolving and dissipating the negative emotional energy, we hold onto it unconsciously. Deeply rooted in our subconscious it then affects our bodies, our minds and our life experiences. Emotions create peptide and chemical signals which are sent to our cells.  The idea of sickness and disease being related to emotional dis’ease is now well documented in science. The suppressed negative emotions can often be a constant undercurrent to thinking patterns and loss of awareness and presence. They contribute to ongoing and worsening mental health issues, again this is not speculation but well documented. Deeply rooted and hard at work in our subconscious mind, the ramifications of the suppressed emotions play out time and time again subconsciously drawing us toward negative life experiences as we move forward.     

Signs you are suppressing an emotion

  • You distract yourself.
  • You avoid triggers that bring up an emotion (such as talking about a painful subject).
  • You find ways to blame others or circumstances for the pain.
  • You are using Substance abuse, eating disorders, or other additive type behavior as an escape.   

The 3 step process to release rather than suppress negative emotions.

  1. Stop and fully acknowledge and explore what happened to create the emotion. Remind yourself that you are not what happens to you. For example if a someone is cruel to you and you suppress the emotion you are likely attaching it to some feeling of self-worth, lack of self-love, some sense that you might somehow be deserving of the treatment. By spending time acknowledging the experience you become able to see it more logically and release the emotion in a healthy way.
  2. Let it out. A good practice can be to change your location, go to a place and body position where you will be free of distractions and allow the emotions to become fully present and released in whatever way feels natural. I sit on the kitchen floor crying. Some people may like to moan, to scream, to bang their fist on something (be careful!) but allow all of that energy to just be released in way that it feels called to be. Focus on your breathing, try not think, process or attach thoughts to the emotion at this point, just let it surface.
  3. Thank your emotions and look for the good that can come. Negative emotions are often illuminating something for us. A place to learn and grow, providing a catalyst for change perhaps? What light can you see within the darkness?  

Of course the best approach is to lessen your exposure to negative events & experiences in your life. Are you ready to make the shift from existing to thriving and take an active approach to how the whole rest of your life unfolds? Check out Miracle Space- I would love to work with you. 




How to Stop Negative Thinking

Learn how to stop negative thinking.

Learn how to stop negative thinking.

In preparation for my new course, Miracle Space, I’m doing a three week series to share some of the ideas and topics that we will explore in it. Be sure to follow my Instagram and Facebook pages to see even more from the series.  Sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know when enrollment opens.

Your mind is an amazing and powerful machine that is running your whole entire life. You gather new information through your neocortex. Your limbic brain processes emotions and sends the chemical signals for those emotions out into the body (we need to talk more about this later), the cerebellum stores and process the thought data base of your subconscious. In fact the subconscious mind is responsible for 95% (or some say more) of everything that happens in your life. How you process ideas, make choices, speak, behave, interact, feel, etc are all the end result of whatever you currently have tucked away in there (points to head).

I realized it was not enough just to stop the negative thinking and now I know why.

Its stands to reason then that you might want to evoke some conscious awareness and control over the data in your subconscious mind. A big issue for many of us is the constant hum of negative thinking. I know I went through a phase where I stopped and said “I’m here” every time I had a negative thought. Well needless to say I was driving my car yelling “I’m here.” In the shower… “I’m here.” You get the idea. I realized it was not enough just to stop the negative thinking and now I know why.

Use visualization to create positive thinking.

Use visualization to create positive thinking.

You too might find yourself frequently ruminating about past or potential future outcomes or situations. When this happens are you being less positive and hopeful than you might like to be? What’s worse is that the more you do it, the stronger it gets. “It” being the negative status of your subconscious mind. That’s just neuroscience. The neural connections and pathways that you use most frequently in your brain get stronger. No worries though- the way out is the same as the way in. You’ve totally got this!

When it comes to negative thinking, neurologically speaking, if you don’t use it, you lose it! But our minds are addicted to thinking so when this happens; give your mind something positive to work with. Using the conscious “find and replace method” of stopping negative thoughts in their tracks and replacing them with the polar opposite positive variation allows you to rewire your subconscious mind. So for example, if you are anticipating something negative that someone might say in response to an upcoming conversation you are going to have, think about the best case scenario instead. Picture it, make the conversation come alive in your mind, visualize the details and feel the resulting good feelings! Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between real and imagined. In this case you are laying the groundwork for words, choices, subtle body ques and all sorts of things that now offer the opportunity of triggering a more positive experience when the time comes.

The subconscious mind controls the way you think, feel and act. Plant something nice and you grow your life into something beautiful. Keep planting negative thoughts and you’re life grows from the seed that has been panted as well. Your choice!

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