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Intuition: You Already Know What to Do


You already know what to do- you do! The truth is that for any question, issues, decision, at any moment, you know in your heart whether you want to zig or to zag. Its just that we are not taught to trust, follow and be ok with our own intuition. We think, strategize and play it “safe” by neither zigging nor zagging but instead taking that slow boring path straight down the middle. Why? Because everyone else is doing it. Everything about how we are all raised and conditioned by each other teaches us to follow the crowd and to look for solutions from the outside in. Is it any wonder we are frustrated and bored? Any wonder the “outside in” solutions just lead to more of a void and bewilderment?


You already know what to do. Time to start feeling, using and trusting your own intuition and see where that takes you. You’re gonna take a few dead ends and have some unexpected experiences. That makes life interesting! That is where we feel alive. That is where we are truly present in the moment. That is where we enhance our own self-love. That is where we learn and grow. We all naturally crave growth in life (in so many more meaningful and interesting ways than we tend to limit ourselves to). When we are not growing, we are dying. Is life really just supposed to be a slow painful death of consciousness where we technically keep our bodies alive and get pats on the back for paying our bills and moving up the corporate ladder? Could there be more to it? Could we discover what more there is by listening to our intuition instead of taking the well-traveled path?

Well you’ll never know unless you try it out right? What have you got to lose? If you jump off the train that everyone else is running to catch every once in a while it’s no big deal. You know there is another one coming down the line, right behind that one anyway. 




Problem Solving Gone Wrong? Free Your Mind with the Bitch Once Rule

Through the inevitable trial and error of searching for a resolution you will learn, evolve and grow. Through acceptance you will clear up space in that beautiful mind of yours for far more prosperous and rewarding thoughts, neural networks and outcomes. In acceptance you also move away from the constant struggle of the thinking brain to the more intuitive and metaphysically empowered processes of the still mind.



Re-Learning to Do the Right Things for the Right Reasons for Whoever You Are Right Now

Everything in our lives is a choice. We choose words, actions, experiences, and relationships. Every moment of everyday is a series of small and large choices.  There are three potential reasons why we make our choices in life.

1.       Fear of repercussions- Society is chock full of guidelines, rules and associated repercussion at all levels. We are conditioned to adhere blindly to these when making choices at the cost of knowing and trusting our own inner guide for fear of the repercussions.  

2.       Desire for acceptance & love- Many choices are based in a desire for acceptance by others, someone in particular, a group, community, organization or society as a whole. Again at the cost of considering and turning to your inner self for guidance.  

3.       Intuitive knowing and guidance by your inner self- Only you know the right choice for you at any given moment during your constant evolutionary process of life. We all have the natural ability to love and trust ourselves and turn to our inner selves for guidance in life, we are just conditioned not to use it and have become out of practice.

For the most part, we are all conditioned and taught to automatically (subconsciously) make choices based on the first two reasons. Think about how heavily both sides of this coin are ingrained into us in every aspect of life from birth on. We are never taught about the self-love and self-acceptance that allows us the freedom to trust our own inner knowing. It’s just not taught and there are very few role models from which to learn it. In fact the opposite is true. Most of our experiences (especially during childhood when our behavioral patterns are being formed) reinforce the first and second choice making mindsets within us. And so we spend much of our lives giving up our inherent emotional/spiritual power and living in fear of punishment and a fear of not being loved and accepted should we follow our own true inner voice.

What does intuitive knowing and guidance look like?

In its ideal form you love and trust yourself. You look inward for split second guidance to make choices. Through the long evolutionary experience of life you will make choices that resonate positively with your inner self and those that do not. Because you love yourself you are able to access and adjust accordingly based on wherever and whoever you are at that particular moment in your life. Without labeling yourself and suppressing and internalizing fear and shame, you recognize an internally based desire to make a varying choice next time and move freely on to the next moment with this new self-directed insight. The concept of learning lessons from life is a valid but the notion of carrying it around like baggage for the rest of your life is weighing us down. The idea of learning lessons based on others or societies expectations of us at that very moment is dysfunctional. When you know and love yourself and are comfortable trusting your inner voice you are more able to accept that some choices did not serve you well without punishing or judging yourself. You are able to move on without that emotional burden and keep moving in the natural flow of your life.

The right thing is different for everyone, every day.

We are each unique and always evolving. The saying “you never step in the same river twice” is profoundly true. What you find to intuitively be the right choice for who you are at any given time will change. So again, you are not self-labeling. The long series of choices in your life do not become “who you are” they were simply made by whoever you were at the time that you made them. Your self- loving, self-trusting self is moving onward and always in the flow of the now without carrying shame. Since we experience and recognize this within ourselves we also become able to respect the same process going on for others. You might not have made the choice that someone else made but if they have truly made it based on reason #3 (again this is ideal, keep reading and you’ll see where I am going with this) you respect their choice and the importance that plays in their own evolutionary process, still holding them in high regard with love and respect.

I know what you’re going to say…  

But Kristen, what about the heinous and stupid crap that people do to each other every day? How can you keep people from doing that if you don’t threaten them with repercussions or reward them with love and acceptance? I would say that we have cultivated this in individuals with the very system of teaching people to use reasons 1 & 2 to make decisions rather than teaching them the fundamentals of life such as self- love, intuition and knowing and trusting their inner selves. If everyone were fundamentally taught to love and trust themselves, to look inward and trust their own intuitive inner knowing to guide their choices in life we wouldn’t have all of the systemic issues in our society that foster the development of these behavioral patterns in the first place.

Wait! There is one more thing.

I know what else you’re probably thinking. “Great idea Kristen, I can see it, but it’s too late, our society is too much of a mess for this, what good is going to do if I start living and interacting with others based on this concept, society as whole would collapse if we got rid of behavioral motivators 1 & 2.” Well here is the thing (and I’d like to thank someone whom I think is awesome, for putting this reminder on my chalkboard wall) “be the change you wish to see in the world”! Live by example, teach the children, pebbles on the pile.  By having the experience yourself of consciously making decisions based on the third reason/process, you will be forever changed. After a while the process will become subconscious and more automatic and you will find that it changes the way you perceive things.  Others will learn by example which is exactly how we all ended up learning to adopt the decision making behavioral patterns of 1 & 2 in the first place.


How to Use Stream of Consciousness Writing to Enhance Intuition & Work Through Blocks


How to Use Stream of Consciousness Writing to Enhance Intuition & Work Through Blocks

Two questions for you. One, how many times have you used stream of consciousness writing to enhance your intuition and work through blocks or issues? Never? Say whaaaat?  Okay then, how many times have you turned to the internet to do research when you have a block or a problem in your life? Yep, you do multiple searches to get ideas and insights and then you think think think, that’s some real left brain stuff there. You see the left brain is analytical and that’s certainly helpful at times. The problem is that we have come to rely on it almost exclusively. By not exercising our intuitive right brain, we are missing out on a powerful resource in our block and problem solving toolbox. The answers are all right here (points to head). Like anything else, the more you use it, the stronger it will become.


Stop Overthinking: How to Gain Insight and Trust Your Gut


Stop Overthinking: How to Gain Insight and Trust Your Gut

Stop Overthinking: Gain Insight and trust Your Gut!

Stop Overthinking: Gain Insight and trust Your Gut!

Overthinking Sucks!

If you’ve ever been kept up at night or found your head swimming from overthinking an issue then you know what an awareness buzzkill overthinking is. Left unchecked it can become a devastating mental habit as well. On the flip side, gaining insight and trusting your intuition enables you to move forward in a more free way with flexible and actionable clarity. In this way you become able to unlock your potential and truly live your life to the fullest!

Scenario One: Being fully present in the moment.

Your walking through the woods listening to the Trampled by Turtles station on Pandora without a thought or care in the world. There's nothing to worry about here, keep on trucking.

Scenario Two: gaining insight & trusting your intuition.

Your walking through the woods when you step into a bright sunlit spot on the path and have a sudden flash of realization on an issue. Being intuitively grounded, you know how you will use this insight when the time comes. You thank the insight, trust yourself, turn the radio back on and motor onward.

Scenario Three: The painful clutter of overthinking.

 Radio smadio. What did they mean by that statement and what happens if I take this course of action- or what about that one? Let’s just think this through from start to finish given several possible courses of action and all possible responses from anyone else involved. Where am I, how did I get to the end of the path already?

When you find yourself being that scenario three over thinker (and come on, who hasn’t?) remind yourself of this one rational reason to stop overthinking. Mental clutter, overloads your senses, creates stress, and impairs your creativity which will cloud your vision. You’re not going to find any solutions in that hot mess so just let it go. Even though we’ve all tried it, overthinking is the least successful method of problem solving. Trusting your gut will enable you to avoid the pain of overthinking and find more success at the same time.  Here are some tips to help you become more practiced at trusting your gut and gaining insight.

Trusting Your Gut, using intuition, and Gaining Insight

1.      Be still. A good friend once told me “when you are lost just stand still”. Through quiet reflection- walks, listening to music, meditation and so on, you make a way out for the mental clutter and open a space for the insight to flood into.

2.      Let your body lead the way. Notice how your body feels about someone, something or a situation. Are you leaning in, feeling bright and at peace? Or are you getting that churning feeling, that bad vibe, a sense of darkness and pressure? This is where the term trusting your gut comes from. That's your intuition kicking in. Every cell in your being is in tune with everything, make sure you are listening. 

3.      Go with your vibes. If you are feeling a positive vibe on something- go with it! Feeling a negative vibe, don’t be afraid to walk away. It’s just that simple. A friend of mine was hemming and hawing about a home purchase when her father reminded her that a once in a lifetime opportunity comes around about once every three months. Trust me you’re not going to miss out on anything!

4.       Let go of the opinions of others. People are compelling communicators, we love to use evidence and facts and figures to support our ideas and opinions. The truth is that facts, figures and evidence are easily swayed and skewed. You may get good input or you may get more clutter and garbage.

5.      Trust in the machinery. Your being is a beautiful and complete machine from top to bottom, inside and out. Every aspect of your being is designed to work perfectly together if you will just let it. You don’t question your ability to run, you just do it. Yet when intuition shows up we think, well where did that come from, what are the merits, why did this come to me so quickly. Having more faith in the machinery and leaning into it will prove itself through time and experience. You just have to give it a chance!  



5 Reasons you absolutely have to start doing what you want to do right now

The best time to unlock your potential and live your life to the fullest is right now!

The best time to unlock your potential and live your life to the fullest is right now!

Knowing what path to take at any juncture in life is far easier then we have made it out to be. In it most simple form this quote from St. Augustine sums up the reality of your choices: “Love and do what you will.” The truth is that in your gut and heart of hearts you know what you want to do.Even if you are not in tune with it, your intuition is always working.   If that want fits the bill of this one simple universal law, well then you are free to do it! Not doing what you want to do (when this law is met) is not caring for your soul, saying no to your dreams, robbing the world of your true light that is working so desperately to shine. You need to stop that right now and here’s why.

Love and do what you will.
— St. Augustine


1.      Trusting your intuition empowers you. The flow of your creation cycle is natural. You have an inherent knowing of  what, who and how your being is. Living within that flow frees you from “shoulds” and worries, releasing more of your own energy to put into yes’s and a forward movement that feels not only natural but empowering. When you learn through experience, to trust your intuition, you begin developing that all empowering sense of faith that will naturally guide your life.

2.      It enables you to break free from limiting beliefs of others. 95% of your actions and beliefs are generated in your subconscious mind. The current subconscious mindset that you hold now was created by a lifetime of input. If you have not been doing what you want to do then basically 95% of who you are right now is the result of the input of others. Umm, no, just no. When you begin to stop and consciously choose your choices, your beliefs, and your life, your subconscious mindset then begins to become your own and begins to become aligned with your super-conscious where your intuitive knowing resides.  This alignment is amazeballs and brings true freedom and enlightenment.

3.      It enables you to get back in touch with your dreams. Your hopes and dreams are the fuel of your soul. Igniting the spark and fanning the flames of your dreams is what truly makes you feel alive. While the input and support of others can be very beneficial, how many of your dreams have been put to rest by well-meaning input from others. Others will often project their own fears and lack of belief when encouraging you to take a certain course of action. They may lack the vision needed to encourage your dreams. On some level, they may feel safer when those around them share their own misery of not realizing their dreams. Trusting your inner voice fuels your dreams, allowing you to free yourself from the conflicting voices of friends, family and the media.

4.      It nurtures a vibrant, healthy body and mind. Stress is one of the biggest factors in disease of the body and mind. It leads directly to physical suffering, as well as anxiety, lack of motivation, social withdraw, over eating, anger and a whole host of bad things that nobody wants anything to do with. When you take back the power of your own choices, when you love and do what you will, you naturally eliminate most of the real and perceived sources of stress, opening you up to be the vibrant healthy body and soul you were designed to be.

5.      The world needs you to shine. You were born with beautiful & amazing things to bring into this world that only you have to offer. When you say yes to who you really are, you say yes to bringing those elements of yourself to life in the world and making it a better place for others.