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Gratitude, There Are A Thousand Ways to Kneel & Kiss the Ground

I woke up with this quote in my mind this morning :-)

I woke up with this quote in my mind this morning :-)

I think about this quote a lot. Gratitude comes to mind but that’s low hanging fruit. Its easy to be grateful for all of the good things. I think this begs more creativity, more putting into action and engaging with emotion. For me, it inspires seeking and sharing love & gratitude in the mundane or cold, dark places. To choose to listen with a forgiving and compassionate heart when someone is angry. To choose to see how a fire that may have burned you is just pushing you to re-imagine yourself and grow into someone new, better. To choose to quiet all of the chatter in your heart and mind for long enough to look around and realize “all of this is really quite amazing and I am a part of it”. Indeed, there are at least a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground in any given day and one good reason to do it. Resonance. In choosing to do so It raises the vibration of both ourselves and those around us.

We don’t manifest or attract what we want in life, but what we feel. How we feel is very much a matter of choice and how we choose to look at the everyday occurrences in our lives. I see this beautiful quote from Rumi as a reminder of that choice. Why do we not do this naturally? Why does it seem so much easier to focus on (and then attract) the negative aspects of things? Quite simply, we have been taught and conditioned to see and experience the world in this way. And so we get caught in this negative cycle of seeing, feeling and attracting negativity into our lives.

The way out is the same as the way in! We can just as easily re-train our brains to enable and empower us to vibrate at the higher love based frequencies using simple NLP techniques. Learn more about using NLP to master the law of attraction.



Law of Attraction Memes For You

Keeping yourself in  a good head-space is vital to maintaining your forward momentum. Here is a round up of some of my favorite Law of Attraction quotes to surround yourself with an share with your friends and family. 



How to Create Your Vision

How to Create Your Vision.jpg

There is no substitute for vision!

Yes, its true that I have learned and always say "The Universe has far better plans for me than I could have ever made for myself. That is faith. But faith without work is dead. While our journey can take us to far more interesting places than we could have ever imagined, we must also understand and engage the creative power that we all have within us. When you create a vision for yourself you are putting your ore in the water and steering the boat toward the direction you would like to go in. We all have the freewill to do this but many folks do not. They simply go round and round, wondering why they have not made more progress or continue to experience the same struggles in life.  

Crafting your vision can be done in many ways:

You can visualize it, creating a movie style vision in your mind.

You can write it out in any form that speaks to you.

You can draw pictures or simply make a vision board.

You can talk about it with your friends and family.

Know This: What you continue to imagine for yourself and tell yourself is seeding the data in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is a highly efficient and functioning machine. You will be moved toward that which you visualize for yourself. More than that, you will find that which you have visualized moving quickly toward you! 

How do you know this is true? Well don't take my word for it, simply find out for yourself. Start visualizing and creating your own vision today. Do it daily and notice how quickly things come to fruition. Follow me on Facebook and be sure to check back and let me know how your vision is creating your reality!



3 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Law of Attraction with Gratitude

I’m currently creating a mini course on what I consider to be the actual secret to the law of attraction. It’s fascinating, I can’t wait to share it with you! For now though let’s dip our toes into the water by focusing on gratitude. When most people think of the law of attraction, their thoughts turn toward the question of  what good things  they can attract to themselves and how. If you have taken my courses Create a Law of Attraction Vision Board That Manifests Your Dreams, then you already know the pitfalls of this approach.

The basic premise of the law of attraction is that like energy attracts like energy. So we attract into our lives the people, circumstances, events and so on that most resonate with our deepest subconscious beliefs.  When your focus is on what you don’t have you look to the law of attraction to help fill the void.  So really your focus (and dominant underlying belief) is based on  mindset of  lack. A lifetime of conditioning to think this way has made it second nature for most people. However, it’s super easy to shift your thinking and your mindset to one of abundance by focusing on gratitude. 

Here are 3 Easy ways to engage the power of gratitude in your daily life

Daily Law of Attraction Guided Audio

Daily Law of Attraction Guided Audio

1.       Share gratitude on the hour. How many times a day do you complain? Think about even the smallest comments and complaints that you make all throughout the day. Again this is second nature to us, we learn by being immersed in a society where everyone is doing it. To turn that around and shift your mindset, thoughts and conversational habits to one of gratitude it just takes a little conscious effort and then it soon becomes automatic of subconscious.   To do that, stop once during each and every hour that you are awake and share gratitude. Notice something (however small) that you are grateful for and share it with someone. Perhaps you will reach out thank someone for something they have said or done, in person or via email, text etc.). Or maybe you will just let someone know about something or someone in your life that you are grateful for (which also teaches them by example to be more grateful).

2.       Write a daily gratitude list. Toward the end of each day make a quick list o a half dozen or so things that you are grateful for from your day. This has several benefits, it helps you to build your neural network of positivity in two ways. First, it forces you to look deeper at even the smallest of things to be grateful for which enhances your positive mindset. The process of writing (rather than just thinking or saying) also creates a more dynamic and well anchored network of positivity as well.

3.       Breathe in Thank You breathes.  Stop frequently to really notice all that there is  around you to be grateful for. Take in a deep breath and just say in your mind “thank You” as you notice something around you that you are grateful for. That might be the warm sunshine on your shoulders, the  wonderful smell from a nearby bakery wafting through the air, the smile on your child’s face as they lean over to lace up their shoes, the delicious toasted everything bagel you are about to enjoy, the extra 5 minutes in your hot shower.. the list goes on and on!


A short daily practice of gratitude, visualization and meditation does wonders for updating your mindset and activating the law of attraction in a positive way.   It’s super powerful, fun, uplifting, and requires practically no effort at all. My mini course, Create a Law of Attraction Mindset includes a 15 minute guided audio program that walks you through this series each day in just 15 minutes! 



3 Important Things to Know About the Power of Your Vision

Whatever you visualize, whatever vision you have, creates an anchor of data and beliefs in your subconscious mind. This is pure data. The data that your reticular activating system (RAS) is using to filter and align you with people, opportunities and experiences in your life. Its called a system for a reason. It’s very efficient. You need it to be, it’s a vital part of our three areas of consciousness (subconscious, conscious and higher conscious). It uses the things you frequently engage; thoughts, media, experiences, visualization and so on, as the data set for what you want to be aligned with in your life. Then when the billions of bits of incoming data per second are being filtered, it is selecting the data to act on and move you toward based on that data set.

1.    You can create your own vision.

What you hold in your vision sets the tone for the people, experiences and opportunities and so on that you will be drawn or moved toward. You can create your own vision in many ways. Active daily visualization is a great way to fill your own subconscious mind with the data you would like it to work from. Creating and using a vision board will enable you to anchor your vision and engage with it daily.

2.    Vision is a gift you can give and share with others.

Talk about your dreams and desires and encourage others to do the same.  This storytelling version of visualization is just as powerful. Look to everyone that you encounter and seek ways to draw out expressions and dialogs of their visions and their dream. In this way you are helping them to create their own strengthened positive vision that will be used by their RAS to draw them toward that in life. We are here to love and uplift each other. What a simple and beautiful way to contribute to another’s realization of their own dreams.

3.    If you don’t do it, someone else will do it for you.

Think about all of the negative talk, media and hype that we expose ourselves to daily? The news, the negative events and dialogs viewed on social media. Even TV programming (it’s called programming for a reason folks) fills us with divisiveness and fear and negativity. If you even think about your favorite show and the subtle nuances of interactions between people. Is it really aligned with what you say you want in life? How you want to feel, the types of relationships, opportunities and experiences you want to have? Be very selective about the media, programming, games, books and types of people you bring into your life. They are all crafting your vision, be sure they are aligned with your true vision.  



Leveraging the Zombie Apocalypse to Improve Your Relationship

I was sitting on the roof the other night, with my neighbor, discussing what we would do if there was a zombie apocalypse and we were the last, and only person on earth. We both agreed we would find the coolest high performance car we could and just drive like crazy for a few hours, tearing it up. Then we very quickly realized how lonely it would be. Being that there were no other people on earth there would be nothing to live for and we agreed we would probably just be ok with dying. So it got me thinking about the people who are in fact still here and appreciating them more. This off course led me to the idea of perspective and choosing or not choosing to appreciate the people around me.

Not currently being in a relationship I’ve been working on objectively observing those around me who are to get ideas about what to do and not do when I am. One thing I’ve observed is an awful lot of nit picking. I think when we are in a relationship ourselves we don’t notice this as much simply because we are joining in, playing along with the band so to speak. However, from where I’m standing right now, I do see it. Sometimes it’s almost as if they don’t even want to like the other person? Sometimes it’s not that bad. We all fall within the spectrum somewhere from time to time though for a variety of reasons.  

So I ask you; If your partner were the only other person on earth that you had for companionship, would it really matter that they tap their toothbrush on the sink or stop to throw the laundry in the dryer even though you’re running late? I’m talking about the little things here. Little things we can choose to focus on or choose to let go? The more you consciously choose to  let those things go, the more it becomes habit (automatic, subconscious) to not even notice them and then, not even be bothered by them anymore. Try it, you will see!  However there is a bigger win to be had here as well. When we fill the space between us and another person with these low vibrating negative emotions and energies that is what we get. It literally dictates what manifests in our relationship. When we clear this space, we make room for higher vibrating, creation emotions to come in and fill the space. That’s the sweet spot, I’m pretty sure.

Hopefully there won’t be a zombie apocalypse. But just in case, why not appreciate each other now while we’re all still here.