Codie,and the family, two days before his passing

Codie,and the family, two days before his passing

I used to be so grateful that I was simply fascinated by life. Because a fascination with life brings a new dynamic to every joy, challenge, encounter, relationship and experience in life. But on January 9th, 2018 that all changed. My son, Codie William Reeves passed away from an opiate/fentanyl overdose.  It’s a long and interesting story but to make a long story shortish, I am now fascinated by more than ever before. I am fascinated by all of consciousness. When someone passes away, (if you look) you will see all things, including past & current experiences, in whole new light. In my case I gained an even deeper understanding of love, the interconnectedness of all things and transcendence of consciousness through the passing of my son from this plane.  I also gained a macabre fascination with the opiate  epidemic, pharmaceutical holocaust, or whatever you want to call this shit show that is going on in plain sight.  

Let me back up for just a moment before moving forward. My time here with Codie has taught me so much. Codie taught me about love, endurance, connection, and the absolute beauty and vitality of the human spirit. I also learned things I wish no one would ever have to learn and that is about the devastating nature of the opiate epidemic that we are all facing right now. Since his death, so many people, of all types and walks of life, have reached out to me to share their stories. The opiate epidemic does not discriminate and has few survivors.  Even the “surviving” friends and family member's lives have been touched and forever changed. No one deserves this, not the victims who become addicted, not their friends and families who struggle right alongside them and not society as a whole, that loses out in countless ways. Check out this staggering statistic: Expert statisticians expect that opiate deaths will claim 500,000 people in the US, in the next decade.  In honor of Codie and every single solitary human being on this planet,  I am bringing my own insights, experiences and alternative approach to thriving, to the fight against the opiate epidemic in the form of  

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I have just begun to set up the structure of the site. I will add to it extensively over the next two months and in an ongoing fashion as I stay on top of the ever evolving alternative approaches to preventing and treating opiate use & addiction.

Please visit and share it with your friends. I am looking for as many resources and insights as possible. I am looking for resources, ideas and also the real stories of those who have prevented or overcome addiction. All input is welcome, please contact me with yours and please share!



March 9th, 2018

Codie would have been 25 years old today!


Codie would have been 25 years old today! A river begins its life at its source, in the uplands, it twists and turns, carving out its path until it finally stretches out into the ocean. A human life is much the same.  In the greater system of things, all water is constantly cycling through the planet and the atmosphere, remaining, in some shape or form, within that same system. Likewise, regardless of form (be it a memory, consciousness, spirituality, love, a catalyst for change, or however you want to think of it) a life lived carves a path, leaves a trace and endures.