Do anything better with NLP modeling

Do anything better with NLP modeling

One of the best things about being a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner is the constant growth and learning that I do myself using these techniques. One of my favorite techniques is modeling because it is so easy and customizable to any pursuit. Modeling is not new to you at all, you’ve been doing it since you were a child. It is one of the major behavioral learning skills that we all used as small children to develop our first abilities and still use today to subconsciously adopt our behaviors, skills, mindsets etc. from those around us (whether we realize it or not). However now you can take this automatic process that happens daily and use it with creative and laser focus to become better at anything.

Here’s How it Works:

You start with something you would like to be better at. Maybe it’s your marriage, your golf swing, your parenting, your ability to network- pick anything! Then you find someone who is truly stellar at what you would like to get better at. You often hear me saying that anything is possible and that is true. The fact is that ANY person committed to mastering the model can do so — provided there aren’t any biological limitations that make it impossible.

You simply observe the chosen “outstanding performer” repeatedly and in close detail. You look for what and how they do everything related to what you are looking to get better at and then model those actions, behaviors, word choices, perspectives, everything!

I’ll give you a personal example and it is in fact the reason I am writing this today. Last week, my hairdresser, Lisa was working her magic on my hair. It always looks like threads of silk when she blows it out and a hippie squirrel when I do. At first I thought it might be the shampoo, hairdryer, brush? Something I did not have perhaps? But then I decided to just use the modeling technique and learn to nail down this fabulous blow out ability (that sounds just a little bit wrong doesn’t it;-).

I watched very closely at each step. The way she sectioned it with a clip and blew it in sections. The amount of hair pulled onto the brush, the angle and direction of  the dryer. The amount of time she held the brush at each section and how many times she pulled it through again before pulling the dryer away and letting that section fall.  I was paying very close attention. Today I had an opportunity to put what I had observed to practice with my standard arsenal of products and tools at home. I simply modeled what I had seen in great detail. The results? Absolutely fabulous! I’m truly delighted and all I had to do was use the free and highly practical technique of modeling. Anyone can do it with any type of improvement goal- including you!