Let your soul be light!

Let your soul be light!

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Is your soul free? Free to thrive, free to embrace whatever is happening at this very moment. Free to embrace whatever is coming next? Hints to the answer lie in your overall mood and attitude toward life. Think about the feelings, memories and emotions that are most strongly anchored in your mind, body and soul from day to day. The ones that keep popping up and seem to be driving your life. What are they? If you are like most people they are negative beliefs, emotions and feelings that your soul actually longs to be free from. We experience joy, bliss and happiness regularly and at many levels. Yet we don’t hang onto these. Your soul longs to be free and living in the moment, always ready for the next ecstatic experience . Unless of course, it is cluttered by these negative emotions. Isn’t it  time to give your soul the freedom it craves by releasing those negative emotions!

Once you break free of a few of the heavy emotions, The lightness becomes self-fulfilling. It begins to seem ludicrous to be heavy.

The natural rhythm of your soul vibrates around the higher level love emotions such as love, compassion, trust and joy. When your life follows suit, it is aligned with your soul and you are thriving. When the lower level emotions such as fear, resentment, anger and jealousy fill your life, your soul struggles and calls out to you for change.  When I started the process I “thought” I knew what I would find but was actually surprised by what surfaced and thankful to finally have the opportunity to free that from my soul and start becoming more light. Once you break free of a few of the heavy emotions, The lightness becomes self-fulfilling. It begins to seem ludicrous to be heavy or engage in thoughts, behaviors and relationships that pile on the heavy. As you enhance your connection to the natural rhythm of your soul, it naturally leads you to the choices in life that keep you light and moving forward.

So where do you begin? You can begin by opening  a dialog with your soul, what are you saying to each other? Journal your thoughts, feelings and emotions from a two way perspective. Think of the questions you might ask your soul and the questions it might ask you. Write these down and reflect on them. Go back after a day or two and extrapolate meaning, goals, plans and insights. What negative emotions are you ready to leave behind and why? What types of changes can you make in you behaviors and habits to move away from them and toward whatever ecstatic experience this moment has to offer?

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