We (people) can be like a bunch of tops, all spinning on a game board. In that way, we each have our own perspective. We may never truly “see” or understand the perspective of another person but I assure you they have their own perspective. Their own point of view, their own reasons for everything they do. So sometimes another top bangs into us. Our spin is thrown off and our immediate reaction might be to get angry. Now don’t get me wrong, anger can be a good motivational emotion, serving as a much needed catalyst for our own transitions.

However, it is not meant to be a constant state of human emotion. Sometimes, we dwell in it far too much and for too long.  “Who are you to throw off my spin? Look at me; I’m now wobbling, all because of you.” If you lean too far into the wobble for too long, you will eventually spin out and go down too and what good has come of that? Sometimes you need that anger to push you toward a needed transition but often the anger over small day to day things is just creating distracting and obstructive energy in our own lives. A better option might be to right your core, focus on keeping a positive trajectory.

I like to turn to grace for this, I see it as the emotional equivalent to balance. So when you get bumped (it’s gonna happen) why not take a deep breath, let the anger have its moment (no suppressing please!), shake it off, let it out (rather than throwing it back at the other top.. er.. person) and then seek out some grace within yourself. I find so many more constructive things to do with the emotion of grace then the emotion of anger. It just seems to work out better for everyone involved. It seems to me that it’s both self-nurturing and selfless in that it allows for the respect of the other person’s perspective too. It’s a pretty rich emotion.

"It slows everything down for everyone involved, to a more comfortable pace."

As you know by now, the emotions that we repeatedly engage with become our habit of mind, our habit of being. Ones that you continuously visit like the attention and are easy to find. The more you look over in graces direction the more it will show up. Soon it becomes your emotional habit of mind and state of being. It slows everything down for everyone involved, to a more comfortable pace. It gives everyone the time and space they need to regain their perspective and right their spin. Grace is nice….