You already know what to do- you do! The truth is that for any question, issues, decision, at any moment, you know in your heart whether you want to zig or to zag. Its just that we are not taught to trust, follow and be ok with our own intuition. We think, strategize and play it “safe” by neither zigging nor zagging but instead taking that slow boring path straight down the middle. Why? Because everyone else is doing it. Everything about how we are all raised and conditioned by each other teaches us to follow the crowd and to look for solutions from the outside in. Is it any wonder we are frustrated and bored? Any wonder the “outside in” solutions just lead to more of a void and bewilderment?


You already know what to do. Time to start feeling, using and trusting your own intuition and see where that takes you. You’re gonna take a few dead ends and have some unexpected experiences. That makes life interesting! That is where we feel alive. That is where we are truly present in the moment. That is where we enhance our own self-love. That is where we learn and grow. We all naturally crave growth in life (in so many more meaningful and interesting ways than we tend to limit ourselves to). When we are not growing, we are dying. Is life really just supposed to be a slow painful death of consciousness where we technically keep our bodies alive and get pats on the back for paying our bills and moving up the corporate ladder? Could there be more to it? Could we discover what more there is by listening to our intuition instead of taking the well-traveled path?

Well you’ll never know unless you try it out right? What have you got to lose? If you jump off the train that everyone else is running to catch every once in a while it’s no big deal. You know there is another one coming down the line, right behind that one anyway.