What is your vision for 2017? In what ways will you expand, grow and evolve? Theoretically you can set your intention to start something new any time of year but there is a certain synergy to be had when your mind is primed and the entire world is mentally charged for evolution alongside you. I have personally declared 2017 the year of Restorative Mind, Body and Spirit. As you move closer to the ease of love and unity that your being’ness naturally knows and craves, everything that your anxious conscious action has been working toward falls into place effortlessly. I will be speaking, creating and sharing everything I can to assist in this regard.  And so there is no time like now to set your new vision and new daily intention for 2017.

Create a Vision Board!

Vision boards are powerful, they totally help you bring your vision into fruition in your life. When you create & use the board in the right way, swift and powerful manifestation prevails seemingly effortlessly. However the understanding of the underlying principles at play are critical in really making the most of your vision board. Another thing you want to understand is how to choose, select and “vision” properly. A lot of people actually end up accidentally putting limiting beliefs onto their vision boards and then, unknowingly, continue to attract that into their lives. It’s easy to do but also super easy to avoid once you understand how to select your visions and why. I cover all of this in my skillshare mini course: Create a Law of Attraction Vision Board That Manifests Your Dream. If you are new to skillshare, it’s fantastic! It’s kind of the Netflix of learning where you pay a small monthly subscription to then have access to unlimited courses on an infinite number of topics. All of my 2017 course content will be going on there as mini courses so be sure to subscribe to my channel.  

Start your day the right way!

Law_of_attraction_15 Minute Morning Miracle.png

Before you even get out of bed in the morning you can set the tone for your heart, mind and the entire day in just 15 minutes. The Law of Attraction 15 Minute Morning Miracle is a fully guided audio that walks you through; intention setting, gratitude, visualization, I am statements and meditation. It’s a power house that enables youto easily connect with your own heart/ intuition and the energies of the universe to set the tone for each day on your own terms. The fully guided audio is just 99 cents (helllooo accessibility- yes!) and is available at all of the streaming and download sites pictured below. Links to the big three are provided below as well. Enjoy!

Get yours today at: Amazon iTunes / Apple Music

Stream or download the Law of Attraction 15 Minute Morning Miracle at all of these sites.

Stream or download the Law of Attraction 15 Minute Morning Miracle at all of these sites.