I was sitting on the roof the other night, with my neighbor, discussing what we would do if there was a zombie apocalypse and we were the last, and only person on earth. We both agreed we would find the coolest high performance car we could and just drive like crazy for a few hours, tearing it up. Then we very quickly realized how lonely it would be. Being that there were no other people on earth there would be nothing to live for and we agreed we would probably just be ok with dying. So it got me thinking about the people who are in fact still here and appreciating them more. This off course led me to the idea of perspective and choosing or not choosing to appreciate the people around me.

Not currently being in a relationship I’ve been working on objectively observing those around me who are to get ideas about what to do and not do when I am. One thing I’ve observed is an awful lot of nit picking. I think when we are in a relationship ourselves we don’t notice this as much simply because we are joining in, playing along with the band so to speak. However, from where I’m standing right now, I do see it. Sometimes it’s almost as if they don’t even want to like the other person? Sometimes it’s not that bad. We all fall within the spectrum somewhere from time to time though for a variety of reasons.  

So I ask you; If your partner were the only other person on earth that you had for companionship, would it really matter that they tap their toothbrush on the sink or stop to throw the laundry in the dryer even though you’re running late? I’m talking about the little things here. Little things we can choose to focus on or choose to let go? The more you consciously choose to  let those things go, the more it becomes habit (automatic, subconscious) to not even notice them and then, not even be bothered by them anymore. Try it, you will see!  However there is a bigger win to be had here as well. When we fill the space between us and another person with these low vibrating negative emotions and energies that is what we get. It literally dictates what manifests in our relationship. When we clear this space, we make room for higher vibrating, creation emotions to come in and fill the space. That’s the sweet spot, I’m pretty sure.

Hopefully there won’t be a zombie apocalypse. But just in case, why not appreciate each other now while we’re all still here.