In my first book in the FreeLark series I have a chapter on the value that is brought to world when you shop local and support dreamers and doers. In my ever evolving list of principles to live by I include the idea of knowing and having some type of relationship with the people who provide you with goods and services. So I am delighted to enthusiasticly share with you the Max and his truly outstanding herbs.

I met Max at the farmer’s market near my house in Baltimore.  I dry my own herbs from my garden so I had not really stopped by his stand but as faith would have it he was chatting up another vendor at their stand and then we go to talking herbs.

When he starting telling me about how long he smoked, roasted , dried and otherwise cultivated the flavors in his fresh herb blends I realized this was not something I could or would do at home. My first week I took home the roasted onion salt. That goes on and with just about everything- it a major staple in my cooking. Then I ventured to try the pecan wood smoked garlic pepper. WOW, this is a unique but also still very flexible and accommodating flavor. I’ve been having a lot of fun with this one.

The prices are reasonable considering he makes these from scratch and from fresh ingredients. Also the flavors here are much stronger than lame grocery store spices so a little goes a long way! Plus when you buy a smoked seasoning at the grocery store, you are most often getting a chemical flavoring, when you buy Max’s smoked  herbs that means he umm, smoked it- wow innovative right? His flavors are the real deal! Max even grows many of the ingredients himself. The only commission I earn  from pointing you in Max’s direction is the knowledge that two good people have been connected- check him out!

He’s at several local farmer’s markets in the Baltimore area (2016 schedule below) and you can order online from his beautiful site. I would LOVE to hear your comments below- come on back now and post after you’ve tried his herbs.

Starting April 19th kenilworth 3:30-6:30tuesday - Catonsville starts first week of May. 10-1 weds- Starts June 1 Druid hill 3:30-7:30weds- Waverly 7-12 sat all year -  Federal hill 1:30-4 sat all year - Cms Thursday 10:30-1:30 start June 2nd- Catonsville Sunday starts may first 10-1:30- White marsh Friday's starts July 1st 10am-1pm- Fells point Saturday starts April 30th 7:30-12:30