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Mind: Self Love: As Within, So Without, As above, So below (one of the seven principles of Hermes Trismegistus)


To truly know and experience deep love, you must be able to love yourself. A very simple trick for fostering more self love is simply to keep a promise to yourself every day. Start your day with a promise to yourself, an intention of how you will love yourself. Perhaps its to allow yourself time to cuddle with your children or partner. Perhaps its to nourish your body with whole foods, Maybe you want to spend 20 minutes reading your favorite book in bed before you go to sleep, take a long soak in the tub? Whatever it is, on any given day, make that promise to yourself and keep it. In this way you will grow to cherish, respect and trust yourself more, fostering an unshakable foundation of self-love.

Body: Can you transform your body with love?   


We often think of our bodies as oddly sperate entities, either empowering us (beautiful, strong, vital) or holding us back (weak, too this, too that, not good enough). Ask yourself, “how do I think about my body, what do I say in my mind through repeated thoughts, about and to it?”. Now ask yourself this; “if someone walked up to me and started to talking to me in exactly the same way that I think about and talk to my body, would I invite them to sit for tea, or say “bug off you neurotic freak’? Well guess what? Your body has consciousness and will respond to whatever treatment you give it. Just like people, if you treat your body with love and gratitude, it will flourish. If you beat it down with judgment and disdain, it will languish. Start and end each day with gratitude and respect to your body, its beauty, strength and all that it does and you will be surprised at how lovingly your body responds to you through surprisingly rapid transformation.

Want to learn more about the science behind this?. Healing epigenetics is a great place to start:   

Spirit: What’s more approachable than unconditional love?  Well, this.

unconditional love.jpg

What is love? The unlimited love institute offers this highly doable definition: “When the happiness, security, and well-being of another feels as meaningful and real to us as our own, or perhaps more so, we love that person.” I love reflecting on this… because I can mostly do this. It may be hard to wrap our brains around the unconditional love that we KNOW we would like to have for ourselves and offer it to others. But this, this, is a little more manageable. Think about those who you spend the most time with. Could you care just a little bit more about their needs, hopes & dreams? When you give just a little bit more, you get a little bit more. You grow more love in your heart and life.


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