Stop Overthinking: Gain Insight and trust Your Gut!

Stop Overthinking: Gain Insight and trust Your Gut!

Overthinking Sucks!

If you’ve ever been kept up at night or found your head swimming from overthinking an issue then you know what an awareness buzzkill overthinking is. Left unchecked it can become a devastating mental habit as well. On the flip side, gaining insight and trusting your intuition enables you to move forward in a more free way with flexible and actionable clarity. In this way you become able to unlock your potential and truly live your life to the fullest!

Scenario One: Being fully present in the moment.

Your walking through the woods listening to the Trampled by Turtles station on Pandora without a thought or care in the world. There's nothing to worry about here, keep on trucking.

Scenario Two: gaining insight & trusting your intuition.

Your walking through the woods when you step into a bright sunlit spot on the path and have a sudden flash of realization on an issue. Being intuitively grounded, you know how you will use this insight when the time comes. You thank the insight, trust yourself, turn the radio back on and motor onward.

Scenario Three: The painful clutter of overthinking.

 Radio smadio. What did they mean by that statement and what happens if I take this course of action- or what about that one? Let’s just think this through from start to finish given several possible courses of action and all possible responses from anyone else involved. Where am I, how did I get to the end of the path already?

When you find yourself being that scenario three over thinker (and come on, who hasn’t?) remind yourself of this one rational reason to stop overthinking. Mental clutter, overloads your senses, creates stress, and impairs your creativity which will cloud your vision. You’re not going to find any solutions in that hot mess so just let it go. Even though we’ve all tried it, overthinking is the least successful method of problem solving. Trusting your gut will enable you to avoid the pain of overthinking and find more success at the same time.  Here are some tips to help you become more practiced at trusting your gut and gaining insight.

Trusting Your Gut, using intuition, and Gaining Insight

1.      Be still. A good friend once told me “when you are lost just stand still”. Through quiet reflection- walks, listening to music, meditation and so on, you make a way out for the mental clutter and open a space for the insight to flood into.

2.      Let your body lead the way. Notice how your body feels about someone, something or a situation. Are you leaning in, feeling bright and at peace? Or are you getting that churning feeling, that bad vibe, a sense of darkness and pressure? This is where the term trusting your gut comes from. That's your intuition kicking in. Every cell in your being is in tune with everything, make sure you are listening. 

3.      Go with your vibes. If you are feeling a positive vibe on something- go with it! Feeling a negative vibe, don’t be afraid to walk away. It’s just that simple. A friend of mine was hemming and hawing about a home purchase when her father reminded her that a once in a lifetime opportunity comes around about once every three months. Trust me you’re not going to miss out on anything!

4.       Let go of the opinions of others. People are compelling communicators, we love to use evidence and facts and figures to support our ideas and opinions. The truth is that facts, figures and evidence are easily swayed and skewed. You may get good input or you may get more clutter and garbage.

5.      Trust in the machinery. Your being is a beautiful and complete machine from top to bottom, inside and out. Every aspect of your being is designed to work perfectly together if you will just let it. You don’t question your ability to run, you just do it. Yet when intuition shows up we think, well where did that come from, what are the merits, why did this come to me so quickly. Having more faith in the machinery and leaning into it will prove itself through time and experience. You just have to give it a chance!