Cheat Sheet: Awesome side effects of self-love

Improved communication

Improved social experiences and relationships

Enhanced self-trust and self-acceptance

Enhanced intuition 

Improved health & fitness

Increased inspiration and creativity

Self-love for the win!

Self-love for the win!

Do you want more love in your life? Well guess what?

When it comes to practicing self-love there are no down sides. It only makes life better! Despite the selfie nature of our modern lives, self-love is often last on our list of priorities & daily practices. That’s just nuts in my book. The old airplane adage “Please put your own oxygen mask on before assisting others” applies here. Do you want more love in your life? Well guess what? Your ability to engage with love in the world increases dramatically when you foster it authentically from within first.   Like everything, the more you practice it, the more it will grow. Here are 5 quick easy ways to develop more self-love.

1.      “I Am’ statements. Every morning before getting out of bed spend several minutes repeating “I Am” statements. For example, I am graceful, I am creative and so on. Dig deep, change them up every day and reflect on evidence of these from your own life experiences.

2.      Keep a promise to yourself each day. Start each day by making a small promise to yourself. You might promise to spend at least 15 minutes reading a new book or promise to make healthy eating choices for just this one day. You might promise to take a bubble bath. Keep it small and keep the promise! In this way you are learning to love, prioritize and trust yourself more.

3.      Compliment a part of your body every day.  We are bombarded with media and influences that prompt us to be overly critical of our own bodies. Turn that around by complimenting your body in a different way each day. Really look closely at a part of your body and you will begin to see how beautiful and amazing it really is! “Thank you strong legs for taking me on that awesome hike this afternoon.” “Thank you warm, soft shoulders, you are so beautiful.” You get the idea.

4.      Ask for objective advice from yourself when making important decisions throughout the day. Thinking through a tough decision in life? Not sure what path to take? Need more creative solutions or help “handling something the right way?” Ask yourself objectively “what would someone who loved themselves do.” The answer will usually become pretty clear. While its often not what we want to hear it usually is the best choice. This will also enhance your intuition which will become stronger the more you use it.

5.      Prioritize physical self-care every day. What are your personal standards of physical self-care ? Maybe you feel best when you’ve selected a flattering outfit, brushed your hair and applied some lip gloss? Perhaps you feel your best when you start the day with a shower? Or maybe doing your yoga routine or 50 pushups first thing in the morning gets you stoked? Think about what your ideal daily standards and practices are and stick to them.  So many times these are the first things to go when we get busy, feel rushed and work tirelessly to do everything for everyone else. Prove your love to yourself by identifying and sticking with your daily self-care standards.

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