Evolution is inherent to not only our being but all things in the universe. Cycles unfold, stellar evolution occurs, tides ebb and flow, energy is transferred and so it continues. People, on the other hand, have stagnation nailed down! Where did we get this idea that life is about picking a few things we really don’t want to do and doing it for like ever? There are so many opportunities to unfold, grow, let your cosmic awesomeness shine. In fact you owe it to all of humanity (or at least your kids and close friends) to do so. As Marianne Williams says “when you let your light shine, you give other’s permission to do the same.”  That evolution happens in all areas and phases of life. It might be in your own personal growth, your relationships, your career, your experiences, your creative expression, your body- whatever. It will change from time to time. The activities and experiences that make your heart sing and your soul come alive will change- that’s the natural order of the universe. I’m talking about your inspiration here, your dreams, what makes you truly come alive. To not follow this calling, leads to stagnation.  Stagnation leads to not living your life to its fullest potential in whatever form or calling that takes.   

The cure for stagnation is to start doing whatever inspires you. Most people will first think of their career, simply because we spend so much time in this area of life. That is a big place to start and loaded with potential. You can also look to your relationships, your own personal development, your body, your experiences, and creative expression as areas to evolve.  The bigger issue is that often, we really have no clue what inspires us anymore. We’ve become so saturated with media and marketing  that we lose touch with our own intuitive sense of what speaks to us and what steps to take next in life. When we are unsure of which direction we want to go in, the safest bet seems to just stay where we are. We see other people living a life of passion and inspiration and think, “hey that’s fantastic, I want to do that… but nah.”  It just might be that a lot of the suffering & challenge that we experience in life is just a symptom of stagnation?

Click Here  to learn more about the workshop

Click Here to learn more about the workshop

The good news is that it’s so much easier than you might think to get back in touch with the callings of your soul. Knowing is truly half the battle. Once you uncover your core desires, inspirations and dreams, you can then do ridiculously easy things to start moving toward them.  In fact, I’m hosting a live workshop in Baltimore on November 30th for just this purpose! You have to follow your heart in life. Sometimes I want to stand on my front stoop, shouting this out to the whole world but for now I’m taking it indoors. I’ll be at the Grand Voyager on Wednesday the 30th of November and I hope to see you there!