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The Importance of Not Accepting the Stories That Others Try to Project Upon You

Always remember that you are the author of your own story- the Captain of your soul!

I talk a lot about vision and the importance of holding a positive vision both for yourself and those around you (what a gift!). I cannot stress how important this is! A vision can be positive or negative though so it’s helpful to beware of how they can seep into your mind and your life.  Every once in a while someone comes along and tries to tell me a story about myself and then I get to choose whether I accept and internalize it, or reject it.  This happened recently and so I’ve reflected on the now objective hilarity of a few other times when I rejected the stories of others in my life. Once you realize you have that choice and exercise your choice it becomes easier and easier to do so. Once you break free from the socialization of others you become more able to see it objectively and better able to discern through observation and intuition, which pieces of input and feedback are coming from a place of love and which ones are coming from the fear and lower vibrating emotions of others. You become more able to know intuitively which things resonate with you and which are just stories that either someone else is trying to get you to buy into or perhaps even that you have been telling yourself.

Someone recently hurled a bunch of really negative statements at me that were the opposite of pretty much everything I know to be true about myself. I know and love myself so if I am to accept this person’s story about me it would mean really changing my own view and opinion of me in a very negative way. I think you know me well enough to know that this is not going to happen. Still, being in shock I shared this with someone with whom I am very close and know extremely well. Their input was the polar opposite. So now I’ve got the input of two people and get to choose which story to accept, it’s just a matter of making that choice and moving on.

When the genesis of the communication is love then we are able to share ideas and input in a way that empowers and uplifts each other.

This can also help us to reflect on our own communication style and emotional genesis of our communications with others as well as the vision that it creates in them. If someone is hurling insults at you, trying to get you to lower your opinion of yourself and what is possible in life then it is coming from their own hurt, anger and fears they are trying to project upon you. When the genesis of the communication is love then we are able to share ideas and input in a way that empowers and uplifts each other.

You can easily see how ridiculous these stories are from a distance but close up they are riddled with emotion and can be a bit more tricky to navigate.

Back to the old stories though because they really illuminate how ridiculous it can be to blindly accept the stories that other people want to tell you about yourself (or you have begun to tell yourself thanks to the constant conditioning of those around you). About 20 years ago I was day dreaming outloud about having my own place and how much I looked forward to that. A family member proceeded to tell me that this would never be possible and that it would just be impossible for me to ever afford or have a place on my own, ever.  This seemed preposterous to me because at that time I already knew people with lower income and fewer skills than I had who in fact had their own places. So I protested and still they adamantly affirmed that this is what they believe to be true. I thought to myself, “well if I believed that to be true I should probably just kill myself right now because apparently I am inherently incapable of self-care and support.”  Story rejected immediately. But imagine what if I had let it seep in- what if I began to believe that story? How might my life have unfolded differently on so many levels? You can easily see how ridiculous these stories are from a distance but close up they are riddled with emotion and can be a bit more tricky to navigate.

Fast forward to a few years ago. I knew a person who actually tried to convince me that literally everyone on the other side of my front door (yes the front door of my own home- imagine that!) was evil and out to hurt me. Well by now I’m all me and so of course I said to them, “no thanks.” He was shocked by my reply and asked what “no thanks” meant. So I explained that I supported his right to believe what he believes and that there was no need to debate it in anyway but that I do not accept this as my belief. Again in the back of my mind thinking “why would I ever leave my house or set out each day to experience and live any type of life if I really and truly believed that to be true.” Another example of a ridiculous story that, had I choose to believe it, would drastically have altered the course of my life in a negative way.

In this case the person believed that story- that was the story they told themselves. I have no idea how it got in their head but I do know them well enough to know that this belief or story has greatly affected their daily life. I don’t know where this story entered their life but I’m willing to bet their whole entire life might have played out differently had they realized they had the choice to reject it at any time and move in a different direction.

Why are the stories so important?

Why are the stories so important? You see these stories create your beliefs and your mindset. Your whole network of neural pathways gets built around these stories. The ability of your subconscious mind to lead you toward the different choices and options in every little nuance of life is directed by these stories, this vision. The stories that we choose to accept literally creates our reality. When you recognize a story coming your way always take a moment to check in with your intuition. Take a moment to observe the emotions and motivations of the person selling the story. Think about how buying into the story will change the way your life unfolds. It goes both ways- some stories are great and create a positive vision. Some are negative and eat away at your self-esteem and ability to prosper. Some things are not stories at all but sincere feedback coming from a place of love. Deep down we all know the difference, it’s just a matter of doing a little pattern interrupting and stepping back to look at these communications a bit more objectively when they are going on.

Like anything else this pattern interrupting will change your habit of being. Checking in with and trusting your intuition will strengthen it. Soon you will find yourself intuitively zigging and zagging through the clutter of emotion based communications from others with greater ease and self-confidence.  Who’s the author of your story anyway? You!



3 Important Things to Know About the Power of Your Vision

Whatever you visualize, whatever vision you have, creates an anchor of data and beliefs in your subconscious mind. This is pure data. The data that your reticular activating system (RAS) is using to filter and align you with people, opportunities and experiences in your life. Its called a system for a reason. It’s very efficient. You need it to be, it’s a vital part of our three areas of consciousness (subconscious, conscious and higher conscious). It uses the things you frequently engage; thoughts, media, experiences, visualization and so on, as the data set for what you want to be aligned with in your life. Then when the billions of bits of incoming data per second are being filtered, it is selecting the data to act on and move you toward based on that data set.

1.    You can create your own vision.

What you hold in your vision sets the tone for the people, experiences and opportunities and so on that you will be drawn or moved toward. You can create your own vision in many ways. Active daily visualization is a great way to fill your own subconscious mind with the data you would like it to work from. Creating and using a vision board will enable you to anchor your vision and engage with it daily.

2.    Vision is a gift you can give and share with others.

Talk about your dreams and desires and encourage others to do the same.  This storytelling version of visualization is just as powerful. Look to everyone that you encounter and seek ways to draw out expressions and dialogs of their visions and their dream. In this way you are helping them to create their own strengthened positive vision that will be used by their RAS to draw them toward that in life. We are here to love and uplift each other. What a simple and beautiful way to contribute to another’s realization of their own dreams.

3.    If you don’t do it, someone else will do it for you.

Think about all of the negative talk, media and hype that we expose ourselves to daily? The news, the negative events and dialogs viewed on social media. Even TV programming (it’s called programming for a reason folks) fills us with divisiveness and fear and negativity. If you even think about your favorite show and the subtle nuances of interactions between people. Is it really aligned with what you say you want in life? How you want to feel, the types of relationships, opportunities and experiences you want to have? Be very selective about the media, programming, games, books and types of people you bring into your life. They are all crafting your vision, be sure they are aligned with your true vision.  



How to Stop Negative Thinking

Learn how to stop negative thinking.

Learn how to stop negative thinking.

In preparation for my new course, Miracle Space, I’m doing a three week series to share some of the ideas and topics that we will explore in it. Be sure to follow my Instagram and Facebook pages to see even more from the series.  Sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know when enrollment opens.

Your mind is an amazing and powerful machine that is running your whole entire life. You gather new information through your neocortex. Your limbic brain processes emotions and sends the chemical signals for those emotions out into the body (we need to talk more about this later), the cerebellum stores and process the thought data base of your subconscious. In fact the subconscious mind is responsible for 95% (or some say more) of everything that happens in your life. How you process ideas, make choices, speak, behave, interact, feel, etc are all the end result of whatever you currently have tucked away in there (points to head).

I realized it was not enough just to stop the negative thinking and now I know why.

Its stands to reason then that you might want to evoke some conscious awareness and control over the data in your subconscious mind. A big issue for many of us is the constant hum of negative thinking. I know I went through a phase where I stopped and said “I’m here” every time I had a negative thought. Well needless to say I was driving my car yelling “I’m here.” In the shower… “I’m here.” You get the idea. I realized it was not enough just to stop the negative thinking and now I know why.

Use visualization to create positive thinking.

Use visualization to create positive thinking.

You too might find yourself frequently ruminating about past or potential future outcomes or situations. When this happens are you being less positive and hopeful than you might like to be? What’s worse is that the more you do it, the stronger it gets. “It” being the negative status of your subconscious mind. That’s just neuroscience. The neural connections and pathways that you use most frequently in your brain get stronger. No worries though- the way out is the same as the way in. You’ve totally got this!

When it comes to negative thinking, neurologically speaking, if you don’t use it, you lose it! But our minds are addicted to thinking so when this happens; give your mind something positive to work with. Using the conscious “find and replace method” of stopping negative thoughts in their tracks and replacing them with the polar opposite positive variation allows you to rewire your subconscious mind. So for example, if you are anticipating something negative that someone might say in response to an upcoming conversation you are going to have, think about the best case scenario instead. Picture it, make the conversation come alive in your mind, visualize the details and feel the resulting good feelings! Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between real and imagined. In this case you are laying the groundwork for words, choices, subtle body ques and all sorts of things that now offer the opportunity of triggering a more positive experience when the time comes.

The subconscious mind controls the way you think, feel and act. Plant something nice and you grow your life into something beautiful. Keep planting negative thoughts and you’re life grows from the seed that has been panted as well. Your choice!

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