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How to Create Your Vision

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There is no substitute for vision!

Yes, its true that I have learned and always say "The Universe has far better plans for me than I could have ever made for myself. That is faith. But faith without work is dead. While our journey can take us to far more interesting places than we could have ever imagined, we must also understand and engage the creative power that we all have within us. When you create a vision for yourself you are putting your ore in the water and steering the boat toward the direction you would like to go in. We all have the freewill to do this but many folks do not. They simply go round and round, wondering why they have not made more progress or continue to experience the same struggles in life.  

Crafting your vision can be done in many ways:

You can visualize it, creating a movie style vision in your mind.

You can write it out in any form that speaks to you.

You can draw pictures or simply make a vision board.

You can talk about it with your friends and family.

Know This: What you continue to imagine for yourself and tell yourself is seeding the data in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is a highly efficient and functioning machine. You will be moved toward that which you visualize for yourself. More than that, you will find that which you have visualized moving quickly toward you! 

How do you know this is true? Well don't take my word for it, simply find out for yourself. Start visualizing and creating your own vision today. Do it daily and notice how quickly things come to fruition. Follow me on Facebook and be sure to check back and let me know how your vision is creating your reality!



3 Important Things to Know About the Power of Your Vision

Whatever you visualize, whatever vision you have, creates an anchor of data and beliefs in your subconscious mind. This is pure data. The data that your reticular activating system (RAS) is using to filter and align you with people, opportunities and experiences in your life. Its called a system for a reason. It’s very efficient. You need it to be, it’s a vital part of our three areas of consciousness (subconscious, conscious and higher conscious). It uses the things you frequently engage; thoughts, media, experiences, visualization and so on, as the data set for what you want to be aligned with in your life. Then when the billions of bits of incoming data per second are being filtered, it is selecting the data to act on and move you toward based on that data set.

1.    You can create your own vision.

What you hold in your vision sets the tone for the people, experiences and opportunities and so on that you will be drawn or moved toward. You can create your own vision in many ways. Active daily visualization is a great way to fill your own subconscious mind with the data you would like it to work from. Creating and using a vision board will enable you to anchor your vision and engage with it daily.

2.    Vision is a gift you can give and share with others.

Talk about your dreams and desires and encourage others to do the same.  This storytelling version of visualization is just as powerful. Look to everyone that you encounter and seek ways to draw out expressions and dialogs of their visions and their dream. In this way you are helping them to create their own strengthened positive vision that will be used by their RAS to draw them toward that in life. We are here to love and uplift each other. What a simple and beautiful way to contribute to another’s realization of their own dreams.

3.    If you don’t do it, someone else will do it for you.

Think about all of the negative talk, media and hype that we expose ourselves to daily? The news, the negative events and dialogs viewed on social media. Even TV programming (it’s called programming for a reason folks) fills us with divisiveness and fear and negativity. If you even think about your favorite show and the subtle nuances of interactions between people. Is it really aligned with what you say you want in life? How you want to feel, the types of relationships, opportunities and experiences you want to have? Be very selective about the media, programming, games, books and types of people you bring into your life. They are all crafting your vision, be sure they are aligned with your true vision.  



Why vision is the greatest gift we can give one another

A visionary is someone who thinks about and plans the future with imagination and wisdom. We are all inherently true visionaries at our core. Daydreaming of the possibilities in life inevitably leaves you with a smile on your face and warmth in your soul. Brining those dreams to fruition empowers our intuitive knowing that whatever we can dream and believe in, we can also achieve.  With the vision and birth of each dream we strengthen an unshakable belief. A belief that what is born through intuitive knowing in our imagination can be brought to life and made possible. The more we experience this, the stronger it becomes and the more able we become in bringing our dreams to life. Through this constant cycle of dreaming, realizing our dreams and then dreaming bigger still, we find our lives taking on meaning and purpose, the world becoming a better place, and the inevitable evolution of life continuing on its due course.

How many times have you imagined a possibility and thought to yourself. “It’s a little crazy, a little outside the norm, but hey maybe that could really be?”  You might keep your vision to yourself and work toward it. You might find success and those around you will say “wow, you go, that’s super cool”.  But that’s a long lonely road to go and frankly not much fun. Success comes most often through trial and error, learning, adapting and holding the vision of the light in your mind until it finally begins to flicker and catch fire. There are so many opportunities to let go, walk away, and settle back into the familiarity of what is rather than to continue to reach for what could be.

Now imagine if someone shared your vision, how much easier does it become to hold on, to keep moving forward, and to overcome hurdles and obstacles. Infinitely easier!  Just to have one person share your vision, to see the possibility, empowers you in almost immeasurable ways. It’s that little extra bit of oxygen you need to keep the sparks blowing when the flames have not yet taken hold. It’s turning around when you want to quit and seeing that person behind you shooing you onward. It’s the hand on your back that makes the last mile bearable. Though seemingly unremarkable, sharing the vision of another is one of the greatest things we can do for one another.