Shifting to an internal locus of control shifts your own belief models which empowers you!

Shifting to an internal locus of control shifts your own belief models which empowers you!

Some people feel self-empowered while others feel like victims. In psychology, this perspective is called, “Internal Locus of Control vs. External Locus of Control.” Having an internal locus of control not only makes day to day life a whole lot more pleasant and rewarding, it also empowers you to bring more good things into your own life simply because you feel fully empowered to do so. In fact you are the captain of your own soul! Obviously how you feel creates the energy that dictates what you are attracting through the law of attraction so it’s vital that you understand, experience for yourself, and  feel how truly empowered you are.The good news is that you can stop the victim mentality today! Here is one incredibly easy  NLP based practice that you can start using right now to create and maintain a powerful internal locus of control perspective.

The problem

The problem is that we are taught and continue to practice placing our emotional energy on outcomes. “I will be happy when this happens” “If only this were different” “I am determined to achieve, do or become this”. This outcome orientated thinking is based in the future and even more fundamentally on what you are not which is your now state or now feeling.

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This is a problem for at least three reasons

When you shift your locus of control, you radically empower your own law of attraction.

When you shift your locus of control, you radically empower your own law of attraction.

First of all, the energy of this emotional feeling that you are holding onto so earnestly right now is exactly what you are attracting. Secondly, there are only two possible outcome here (achieving the goal or not) and both of those seem to be fairly outside of your control. Third, in working so hard toward that one and only goal, any set backs, misses or lack of achievement tend to be falsely internalized as either lack of self-worth or self-love. “nothing ever works out for me” “no one helps me” “I’m not able, capable, worthy of this”.  Ewe!

The solution

I had this realization while lying on the hyrdomassage bed at the gym today. I said to myself “oh my goodness sakes, that’s so simple” and I think you will agree! The simple NLP based technique is quite simply to shift your perspective of any situation, issue, process etc.  from one that is based on goals and outcomes to one that is based on your own intentions.  You see, when you are focused on the outcome, you are waiting, hoping, trying, working toward and dependent upon that success to validate yourself and create whatever emotional energy state you are looking to achieve. Conversely,  when you approach the whole shebang from your own intention, you are running the show. Based on the intention that you have clarified, you are empowered at any stage of the process, to evaluate and modify. There is no winning or losing there is only evolution and growing of your own internal strength.

Let me shake it down…


Lets say you have a “goal” to secure a new job that you are excited about. Pretty standard right and imagine the process of applying, having your friends rehearse your interview process with you, daydreaming/visualizing  the outcome, thinking about how your life will be improved once you get this job!

Now, if you approach this from the perspective of your own intentions. First clarify your intentions- what are they? What do you want in this new job, more creativity, freedom, income, a shorter commute, what? Ok, so these are you intention- not the job. So now you have released all of this high vibe energy and potential from being locked up in something you have little control over (the job). You have released (letting go) resistance and empowered yourself. Now that you have identified and more closely clarified your own intentions you are empowered to use them as the marker by which you evaluate choices and actions in your life. So for example, last year it was my intention to generate more income for the holidays. I was offered a gig that paid but not well. It was income but was not aligned with my intention for myself to generate more income. I politely declined, felt great about not sacrificing my own value of the quality of my time and later that same day, I was offered the exact same gig, by another company for twice the rate of pay. Another example, let’s say you’ve identified one of your key intentions as having more flexibility of time. This intention based perspective now gives the freedom to also explore different variations on your current work offerings, other jobs, other combinations capable of changing your income to time spent ratio in the way that would like.

What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

Well here is the best part: When you shift to your own intention based perspective, you cannot fail. You always have the choice.  There is only discovery and growth. There is only moving closer to or away from the experiences, options, relationships, choices, opportunities and so on that are aligned with your intentions. You become more clearly able to see whether or not something is aligned with your intentions and adjust as you go along accordingly. You are empowered!  No one holds the key to this but you!

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