Intentions are the root of your vibration.

Intentions are the root of your vibration.

People set “intentions” all the time, often not realizing that they are setting themselves up for failure. Are you unknowingly setting an intention that is actually rooted in limiting beliefs, vibrating from fear based emotions and attracting more of what you don’t want into your life? What can you do to set strong intentions that attract positive people, experiences and relationships into your life? Let’s find out!  

Through Your Intentions, You Create Your Own Vibration!

1. Key # 1 is to understand the vibrational energy that you are creating within yourself with the actual creation of your intention and manifesting goal. You attract what you feel, not what you want. The vibrational energy of your emotions/feelings are either based in the lower fear based emotions or the higher love based emotions. So you want to be sure that the actual intention that you are setting is based in the higher love based emotions. Your subconscious programming is set by the vibrational energy of your emotions. Many people set themselves up for failure right out of the gate by failing to keep this critical principle in mind when approaching the whole idea of conscious creation and setting intentions/manifesting goals.

State Your Intentions in the Most Powerful Way.

2. key #2 For powerful law of attraction intention setting your want to focus on how you craft your intention. Check out this video on intention setting here. How to state your intention: I am ___________ or a greater or higher equivalent that is in the greatest good for all involved . Why each part is important- “I am”  (stated in the now & feeling state). Also choose a manifesting goal here that is believable to your current subconscious programming.  You attract what you feel, not what your desire (which is often actually maintaining a feeling of a state of lack). “or a greater or higher equivalent” – allows you to leave creative room for the infinite possibility and to also let go of attachment to a specific outcome.  “For greatest and highest good of all involved”. This is based on unconditional love. It enables you to both stay in the higher love based vibrating emotions as well as to let go of resistance.

How to Practice Being in the Feeling State

3. Key # 3 Once you have invested the time and effort into creating a powerful intention vibrating in love based emotional energy you want to make sure it sticks. How many times have you written out visions statements. Goals, intentions and so on, felt excited & empowered and then never really returned to your intentions or those feelings? There are many ways to set intentions and overwrite the limiting beliefs of your subconscious programming. A simple technique to use is “feeling based repetition”.  By now you’ve surely heard of and probably practiced affirmations. You’ve probably written your intentions down and placed them where you can see them frequently. These are great baby steps but the key is in creating and feeling the emotions. These vibrating, energetic emotions are what will reprogram your subconscious. 

You want to practice the new thoughts and feelings associated with your intention throughout the day. This is just like working out or building any new skill, you are repeatedly impressing upon your subconscious mind these feelings, again and again until it becomes your new programing and your new emotional vibration. Let’s say your  intention is to evolve your career and income. Several times throughout the day you want to stop and visualize in full detail what life is like in that state. How do you feel, what are you doing? In visualizing this you will drum of the actual feelings associated with it, inside of yourself. Now practice transplanting that feeling to other moments in your day. Revisit it, invite it back in, approach daily tasks and activities with that feeling. The more you do this consciously, the more automatic and subconscious the feeling will become.

Becoming aware of your own intentions is one of the most powerful things you can do to raise your own vibration.

Becoming aware of your own intentions is one of the most powerful things you can do to raise your own vibration.

Your intentions are vitally important. They are at the core of what you are actually feeling which is generating your vibrational energy pattern. You are attracting things into your life that match the vibrational pattern of your feelings. Bringing your own intentions into your awareness enables you to go directly to the root of your vibrations and make adjustments that align with your conscious desires.

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