Every day I stop and pick up a rose quartz, either from my living room (pictured) or the one on my nightstand and I reflect and send love to everyone who pops into my mind. I love it; I usually ring a few bells as well. I don’t think too much about it but today I went to grab my rose quartz and it was gone. Emptiness where it had been, nothing, “WTF” I thought. It didn’t take long to figure out the cats had probably knocked it off the table and batted it around the hardwood floors for a good time.

So I got down on my hands and knees and started crawling through the house, crawling and looking under all of the furniture. You do see the perspective part building here right? It was pretty interesting, it’s been a long time (but not forever- long story) since I’ve been under my dining room table. Its also been a long time since I’ve belly crawled around the house (read my book Freelark and you’ll know more about that). But here I was looking up at all of the things that I used to look down at. So I thought, how can I see the unique perspective of all of these people that I reflect on and send love to?

Pattern interrupting is very important and a great stimulus for evolution in life. It comes in unexpected ways and means. The opportunities to interrupt your own patterns are always there though; it’s just a matter of engaging them rather than looking past them to see what you want to see. An easy way to interrupt your pattern and stimulate your mind is with physical change. In this case I got low on the floor and it inspired me to want to see the perspective of others. In fact I lay down on my back and closed my eyes and spent a good half hour thinking about how life is different from the perspective of each of the folks I was sending energy and love to.

"When you are not depending on things being a certain way- you’re never caught off guard."

You can interrupt your patterns to create the stimuli for evolution in so many easy little ways. Walk down a different street on your way to the coffee shop- heck, go an extra few blocks to a coffee shop you’ve never been to. Sit down in the shower (soooo awesome), eat dinner in your backyard, look in the mirror and compliment yourself every day for a week, take a walk on your lunch break, listen to a different radio station, re-arrange a room in your house, grab your morning cup of coffee and plop right down in the middle of the kitchen floor to enjoy it. You see how easy it is? Changing your perspective creates a richer, more textured existence. It enhances the wealth of data and understanding that you have at your disposal. But perhaps most important, it keeps you resilient emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. When you are not depending on things being a certain way- you’re never caught off guard. Life is more delightful because you are enjoying the dance rather than watching from the side of the room, waiting for it to be over.