I minored in anthropology in college and find it fascinating to look at the experience of life from the perspective of other cultures. One of the most illuminating is the Nacirema tribe of North America. I learned about them from the work of Horace Miner and new studies indicate even more bizarre ritualistic behavior than previously observed. 

It seems that every tribe member is born with an infinite supply of evol. Evol is believed to be the root of evolution. It sustains life and spirit in every way. It contains baffling  synergistic power when combined with the evol of others. Although researchers have concluded that it is indeed infinite and still remains in all tribe members, for some reason they rarely choose to activate or utilize their evol.

Researchers believe it is related to the introduction of yenom. Though few have actually seen the yenom, the leaders assure the tribes people that it exists and that it is of paramount importance that they earn points in the yenom system. Although it’s unclear why, all of the tribe members live in silent agreement that the yenom does in fact exist. They base their activities, relationships and pursuits within the tribe on the accumulation of points in the yenom system.

Studies indicate that although the yenom itself has no intrinsic value or power, it is in fact somehow related to the exchange of the natural power of the evol  that the tribesman are born with. For reasons unknown, the tribespeople willingly allow their evol to lie dormant most of the time, instead prioritizing the pursuit of points in the yenom system. Some scientist hypothesize that the return to the evol system would create a radical shift in the quality of life for the tribe as a whole. Though few seem willing to do so, instead following in silent agreement to the words and direction of the leaders of the tribe. Even more fascinating is the evidence that the leaders show no indication of the natural evol that is inherent to the tribe members. For this reason, it is difficult to predict what the future of the Nacirema holds.