winter solstice ritual.jpg

Happy winter solstice! Each season plays its part in the greater whole. Winter is a time of reflection, regeneration, and renewal in preparation for the new birth cycle of spring. In other words, it’s a great time to take stock; observe your life, experiences, choices, goals etc. Identify that which you have learned from and are ready to discard and that which you will carry forward with you into the new year.

Activities to facilitate and inspire reflection:

  • Take a walk alone out in nature, let the invigoration of the weather that surrounds you stimulate your senses and thoughts.

  • Take a candle lit bath with fresh herbs to awaken your soul and relax your body.

  • Sit by a roaring fire, indoors or out. If that is not possible, light several candles in an otherwise dark room, get cozy under a blanket and let the dancing, flickering flames relax you.

A few things to ponder as you choose what to let go of and what to carry forward for the coming new year:

  • What were the three best choices I made this year that truly aligned me with my true self ?

  • Moving forward, what three things do I need to let go of in order to be true to myself and live a life that speaks to my soul?

  • What can I forgive in myself and others?

  • What three feeling words best describe what I want for myself in the coming year?

Its up to you as to how to process this information but I would write these insights down and revisit them frequently in the coming months as a reminder. Pro-tip- don’t write them down and then burn them in a dramatic “oh this is a fun solstice ritual” like I did last year. You might soon discover that you actually can’t remember half of your best herbal bath inspired insights.


Always love,