Anything you can envision & dream you can achieve

You owe it to yourself and everyone you care about to dream big!

Dream Big! Whatever you can envision you can work toward and achieve. We are designed to constantly be evolving in all ways. We are happiest and function optimally when we are in constant states of evolution. That evolution is fueled by our dreams. Yet so many people accept a life of stagnation when a vibrant radiant journey of the soul is so close at hand? Why?

I know why I did it. I didn’t really know what my dreams and core values were so I took the safe route and accepted the values of my peers, friends and family. I invested the bulk of myself into things that it turned out did not speak to my soul and was left with little energy and personal resources to figure out what did. Some folks call that being in a rut or liken it to being on a treadmill or a hamster wheel. You’re expending an awful lot of energy but not really going anywhere. I think of it as a fast moving train that’s going nowhere. Once you get on, the momentum seems to keep you there and at the end of the ride you realize you never really went anywhere. At some point, you just need to jump off that train that everyone else has been running to catch. If you are young perhaps you can avoid ever getting on it. Endless mediocrity stifles the soul. We are meant to continually evolve, so the perfect time to start dreaming bigger is always right now!

In reality you have just been moving from “job to job” trying to make the train ride more tolerable.

We can dream big about anything and everything. Our careers, relationships, pursuits in life, skills, spirituality, living conditions, physical condition, abilities, environment. What generates a spark for  one person will surely be different  for another. But it’s that spark, that fire inside, that keeps us engaged in life. That desire to bound out of bed in the morning and throw your arms around the world. Talk about awareness and presence! Its built right in when you are living your dream. When do you feel most present? That’s a clue as to where you might want to focus your energy. Now think of all of the issues and problems you have tried to solve in your life. In reality you have just been moving from “job to job” trying to make the train ride more tolerable. When you become more in harmony with one aspect of  your life, other things will begin to fall into place as well. That is why you owe it to yourself to dream bigger. No matter what they are, no matter how big or how small, when you start realizing, working toward and engaging your dreams those around you will be inspired to do the same. That’s why you owe it to everyone you love to pursue your dreams too!

What dreams did you let go off, which ones are still burning under the surface waiting to be? Maybe you don’t know what that dream is? You’ve searched in several places but not yet found your path but you know there is something you are longing to be a part of? Maybe there is something you have always longed to do? Maybe you have no real idea what types of evolution in your life will speak to your soul and that’s ok too.  You have inside of you, unlimited potential who knows what could be but you will never find out unless you start dreaming! As you focus and reach toward your vision you will find it infinitely easier to reach when you have the support of people who share your vision. If you have not yet connected with those who share your vision, start by fanning the flames of the vision of others. As you do you will find that the right people and connections and supporters will emerge to support your vision as well!