What is the Secret to Living Life as a Free Spirit?


"Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open"    Rumi

This Rumi quote is one of my favorites! We all have free will and the ability to make choices. It’s just a matter of fact that the life you are living is the result of just that. Opening up to a freer, more fulfilling life comes down to just that as well. Choices, Your choices!  I am Kristen Becker is all about empowering you to revel in the joy inherent in your life and live as a free spirit. Are you a Free Spirit yet you feel as if you are just going through the motions in life? Join our Free Spirit Challenge click here to join a private facebook group for nurturing free spirit living. Looking to for even more guidance in breaking out your free spirit? Come join us for the Law of Attraction Using NLP course and weekly live workshops.

What is a free spirit?

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  Characteristics of free spirits fall higher on the hierarchy of needs.

Characteristics of free spirits fall higher on the hierarchy of needs.

Life is all about continuous evolution. Through physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth we are always evolving. Working toward the self-actualization and then transcendence on Maslows hierarchy of needs. This very process is where the free spirit and the joy in life is found. It is not a simple state that you achieve but a joyful journey- a constant process of becoming.  In becoming a free spirit you open yourself up to awareness, living in the present, to saying yes to things that nourish your soul and no to things that do not. You become open to exploring the infinite possibilities that lead to self-actualization, to knowing and growing through all of the joys that life has to offer! 

I believe that everyone longs to be the “free spirit next door”.

We recognize them when we meet them. They are executives, artists, the soccer Moms & Dads but we know that spark when we see it. We also recognize that spark in ourselves, waiting to be fanned into flame. Children are naturally free spirits, it’s that will to flourish and explore that we so love about them. A free spirit is one who is not contained by convention or obligation. When you step outside of those constraints, all of the possibilities of the universe are opened to you and who doesn’t want that? Nurturing one habit at a time and reveling in the joy that each brings into your life is the key to revealing the free spirit inside you.

Many people focus on discovering and achieving their purpose in life, however life is an adventure. When we take the constant focus away from discovering & achieving our purpose and allow ourselves to lean into the true evolutionary nature of life, it is there that the free spirit emerges and ultimately the sense of purpose & achievement is found.

So where to begin?

Why at the beginning of course. You may be familiar with the flower of life. It’s an ancient geometric symbol found in all major religions and ancient civilizations of the world. It’s important because it embodies the cyclical, interrelated nature of all things. To become in step with one thing, puts you in step with others. Likewise to be out of step in one aspect of your existence will keep you in a constant battle with other aspects of your existence.  If your desire is to be a free spirit then you must recognize and step into the flow of the system in which you are living. When you look at your place within this system from the vantage point of your own mind body and soul you begin to see the three areas in which you can break free from your constraints and begin to live and breathe again within your own life.


Your soul represents the psychological elements of your being. Your mind, emotions, will, consciousness and so on. This is where you process ideas, store memories, fuel imagination, where you express your individuality and make decisions. Understanding and leveraging this aspect of your being will enable you to make better choices however; some of this is also better transferred to the spirit realm. The divine universe may have way better ideas than your mind. Ones that you are not open to if you fixate only on choices selected within the soul/mind realm as the ego often encourages us to do.



Love and nurture that beautiful temple of yours! You may have heard the term garbage in, garbage out and this is why getting in tune with your body, bringing its dynamic role back into the fold, will open up other areas of your being and help you stay in tune with the physical essence of your being.


Your spirit is the element of you that is rooted in the greater essence of being. Your connection with high consciousness and all things within the universe. Raising your spiritual intelligence will broaden your spiritual horizons.  Your spirit transcends the limits of your soul/mind and body. Your spirit seeks to break free and fuels inspiration. The spirit can be defined in many ways; as divinity, the quantum field, energy or more simply as the indescribable organizing principle of the universe.

Tapping into your free spirit

All three of these elements of your being are nurtured by the simple practices of meditation and love. Through the simple daily practice of meditation you sooth and calm your body. Meditation brings  rest and eliminates stress. At the same time it fuels and energizes your spirit. Your body, mind and soul are actually resting during mediation. This is the time for your spirit to soar, to breathe and connect. The simple quiet practice of meditation allows you to become more in tune with the element of unity and connectedness that we are all inherently part of and have an inner knowing or sense of.  So many practices and habits of our lives are centered around finding our strengths as an individual but meditation opens us up to seeing and participating in the larger unity dance that we are all a part of. 

Love is the most real thing in the universe. It is the ultimate, fundamental core of everything. Through love we truly live and connect. Again, elements of our modern lives condition us to develop practices that block and turn away from love. Yet this inner knowing of love burns inside, longing to be. Love is so simple, so easily tapped and practiced. It costs nothing yet gives everything. It’s the secret hiding in plain sight!


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