If you are looking for true financial freedom, Free Lark is the place to start! Free Lark will not only change your relationship with finances & material possessions but also your relationship with your own life.

It’s an unfortunately common occurrence that people today are so worried about achieving financial success that they’re missing out on things that are often the most important— life experiences and loving, authentic relationships.


This idea that we’re working to “earn more” is ironic, given that we often give up quality personal and family lives trying to create a more stable financial life. The truth is that added responsibilities and material possessions are simply adding stress to our lives, taking away what we all really want and need to begin with. A life.

 The good news is that you can do something about it by implementing a few small changes!

 FreeLark is aimed at changing your perspective on money and material possessions, without sacrificing your family or personal time. FreeLark is filled with practical tips and strategies as well as insights and inspirations. It’s time to take an active approach to living a fuller, more exciting life that strikes a healthy balance between finances and experiences. Time to become a FreeLark.


This is the book to give free spirits the nudge toward financial liberation. Free Lark takes a breezy, conversational style and a light-hearted approach to improving your financial health. Backed by research and intriguing hints of personal experience, the book delivers both practical tips for lowering expenses and, more importantly, suggestions for prioritizing your budget to achieve the unbounded life adventure your soul seeks
— Amazon Review
Her language is light-hearted and humorous, with some very practical ideas to break free and experience true financial freedom
— Amazon Customer Review
The barriers to financial success exist in the walls we build up and achieving success lies in knocking down those walls. If you’re looking for a pragmatic approach to financial happiness this is the book for you
— Amazon Customer Review

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