Meditation is a powerful tool for your personal transformation

How will meditation transform my life? How do I work toward self-actualization through meditation?

If you have never thought of meditation as a way to raise your consciousness and move toward self-actualization then these are all great questions to ask as you begin your journey.

Research as shown that people who practice higher consciousness meditation achieve higher rates of self-actualization than those who practice mindfulness or relaxation techniques. Scientific research also provides strong objective evidence that regular experience of a higher state of consciousness produces rapid evolution toward higher states of human functioning. Higher consciousness is a dynamic concept. There is a great deal to learn about it and many ways to work toward it. One of the most direct ways to engage it is through consistent practice of higher consciousness focused meditation technique such as learning Mesa Meditation.


States of consciousness


We have subconscious, conscious and higher conscious states always at play in our lives. In the subconscious we have limiting or (hopefully!) empowering beliefs bubbling beneath the surface, fueling our conscious experiences. In fact 95% of our lives are governed by the auto pilot of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is fueled purely from programming and conditioning. In the conscious realm we are able to be more creative and think outside the box though in reality we are only functioning on this level 5% of the time. This is the mix from which we look to resolve issues and overcome struggles, to find peace and explore happiness and work toward self-actualization. You can see the inherent problems in this system where you are still relying on a thought an action pattern 95% governed by your subconscious mind (the same mind that created these problems) to solve them.   When actually it is in the higher conscious that we unlock the awareness that brings true peace, balance, resolution and thriving. It is through engaging our higher consciousness practices that we step back into the natural rhythm of our being as we tap into our own inner knowing that allows for creativity and prosperity beyond our everyday limitations .

Our existence is comprised of mind body and spirit. You can think of these as the three legs of a stool that keep you balanced. Much of what we think of as “consciousness” occurs in the mind and body realm. In it, we use our five senses and our free will; we think and make decisions in what comprises most, if not all, of our daily lives. The higher conscious spirit realm is an element of our being that, at first glance, can seem a bit harder to understand and quantify. Still it is always at play in our lives. In our busy modern lives, this spiritual intelligence is usually the leg of that stool that is most unbalanced as well. We literally suffer from an over saturation of ego based consciousness. Raising our consciousness enables us to achieve better balance in our lives. It is often referred to as enlightenment or the ultimate liberation. In its most simple form, higher consciousness can be described as the simple art of just letting go.  Some say that while prayer is talking to God that higher consciousness is the process of listening to God. Through it we find new ways of knowing ourselves as well as perceiving and relating to the world. In fact, much of what we struggle with in the mind/body realm falls away when we learn to better balance ourselves with the addition of higher consciousness meditation practices such as Mesa Meditation .


Just as you would not spend all of your existence floating out in the realm of higher consciousness, you also can not expect to flourish if all of your existence is spent swirling in the cycles of day to day consciousness either. Becoming practiced at higher consciousness meditation enables you to easily bring your life back into focus and balance. Achieving this through meditation takes time and practice. Just like you have to work on your development at the gym or learning a new hobby, engaging with higher consciousness takes time to develop. The more you practice higher consciousness meditation the better you will get at it, the more quickly it will come and the more you will flourish!


Benefits of higher consciousness meditation

1.      Enhanced Self-Actualization:  through meditation and tapping into the interplay of mind,body and spirit people are often able to gain a better understanding of who they are. When consciousness is raised, you can see more clearly and objectively your motivations, desires, strengths and weaknesses. As the subconscious becomes engaged during explorations of higher consciousness, this part of the mind can then help you open up to the realization of your full potentiality. You gain an edge in life, project more positive energies, develop good habits and break bad ones.

2.      Emotional & Physical Healing: Many people discover through the higher consciousness meditation process that they are able to heal themselves both emotionally and/or physically. There are many cases of people who have healed themselves through meditation, higher consciousness and changing their thinking patterns. Research has shown that people who practice higher consciousness meditation have fewer Dr. visits and hospitalizations.

3.      Attaining Enlightenment: Spiritual understanding and enlightenment are the ultimate goals of raising consciousness levels. When you raise your understanding and experience of this aspect of your being it benefits you with increased calm, awareness and mental peace through all other aspects of your life too. When you grow into higher states of consciousness, you are no longer thrown off-balance by situations and disturbances. You become strong yet soft – an aware and beautiful individual capable of accommodating different values in life without conditions. As your consciousness opens and you get physically, mentally and spiritually elevated, life truly opens up and becomes worth living.

4.      Elevating Those Around You: Research has demonstrated that the conditions of surrounding people are greatly affected by advanced meditators. Raising your own consciousness level not only benefits you it benefits the family, friends and others with whom you share your life.

Consciousness evolution

Consciousness evolution is as much a part of our existence as learning to crawl and then walk, to communicate and then to socialize. It is, in fact, the pinnacle of our evolutionary process. Self-actualization is a continual process of becoming rather than a perfect state that one reaches. Not taking advantage of opportunities to evolve and grow our consciousness is the biggest obstacle to flourishing in life and yet so easily fixed. While there are many ways to raise your consciousness, the easiest is a regular higher conscious meditation practice. Not all meditations are geared toward engaging with higher consciousness so it’s important to learn practices that bring you into this state. Once you have learned a meditation practice that enables you to simply let go and raise your consciousness you can practice it anytime and anywhere with no special equipment or restrictions.

If you are ready to begin your journey toward higher consciousness meditation I invite you take it with me and learn the practice that I have used since my childhood.

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