The Higher Consciousness Mesa Meditation Program

Learn How to remember what your soul already knows and Foster Self-Actualization

Imagine your life with the inner peace and guided focus you need for true, honest self-actualization! Many forms of meditation focus on breathing, mantras, and focused attention; all wonderful for helping you to relax and relieve stress. However, reaching true insights and self-actualization come during deeper states of higher consciousness meditation. The Fully Guided Higher Consciousness Mesa Meditation Program is offered in an easy-to-learn format that enables you to practice enlightening meditation anywhere, even without a device or audio guide.


FreeLark by Kristen Becker

This is the book to give free spirits the nudge toward financial liberation. Free Lark takes a breezy, conversational style and a light-hearted approach to improving your financial health. Backed by research and intriguing hints of personal experience, the book delivers both practical tips for lowering expenses and, more importantly, suggestions for prioritizing your budget to achieve the unbounded life adventure your soul seeks
— Amazon Customer Review

If you are looking for true financial freedom, Free Lark is the place to start! Free Lark will not only change your relationship with finances & material possessions but also your relationship with your own life.

streaming or download available on all of your favorite platforms

streaming or download available on all of your favorite platforms

Activate the Law of Attraction in just 15 minutes a day with the fully guided, step by step, Morning Miracle audio program

Easily keep the Law of Attraction working for you every day with this 15 minute fully guided, all in one, power packed, affirmation, visualization and meditation step by step audio program!