Love and Kindness Are Your Secret Super Powers!

Learn how to fully engage love and kindness for greater happiness and prosperity in your life.   

Love, kindness, gratitude, generosity: they are all foundational principles upon which thriving is based. We’ve heard it from every great philosopher, thinker, leader and poet. We’ve seen these principles defined and repeated in every spiritual text and embodied by thriving ancient civilizations. We see people who enjoy great happiness and success celebrating the fundamental value of these principles every single day. It’s not new knowledge at all but it is knowledge that we have new insights into and certainly knowledge that can easily be put into use right away to enjoy the immediate benefits of.

Look at what science has to say about the effects of love and kindness!

-        Increased life satisfaction and personal resources (whaaaat- yes its true- read on!) A study by Barbara Fredrickson and colleagues found that love and kindness produced positive emotions that lead to an increase in a wide range of personal resources.

-        Optimum Physical health. A wide array of research has confirmed that loving relationships boost  physical health through released chemicals in the brain/body and positive benefits to many bodily functions and systems such as bolstering the immune system.

-        Kindness makes us feel good. We all love to be treated with kindness but did you know that being kind actually releases dopamine which gives us an elevated feeling of wellbeing and  happiness.  

We are all creatures of habit. In fact, our subconscious minds control 95% of our daily thoughts and activities. Practicing exceptional love and kindness at first may take purposeful action on your part. It might feel awkward or even unnatural. Practicing an attitude of love and kindness is a great way to enhance your spiritual intelligence. The more you do it though, the more appropriate and natural it will feel. As you see the positive results and enjoy the unprecedented joy of lifting up others it will soon become second nature. Not only that, as you evolve and thrive you will discover through your own experiences that it is the natural way in which we were designed to care for one another’s souls. Becoming a true free spirit begins with practicing love and kindness unconditionally.

Love is truly the super power hidden in plain sight! 

What becomes possible when one two, five or ten folks have their hands on your back? How good does it feel to be that person for someone you know? What about someone you don’t know? When choosing compassion over anger you create a synergy of more love and positive energy – compare that to the vacuum that anger and negativity breeds.  Love and do what you will- when you engage with others and the world from unconditional love you have no regrets, now worries. If someone else is at a place in their consciousness and life that causes them to lash out at you- unconditional love breeds compassion and perspective. It creates the environment from which more love can be born. It places a seed in the heart that will grow. In fact all words, actions and even silent emotions cast seeds- seeds that will grow. You are giving someone a gift and they to you; every day, every look, gesture, word, hug, smile, action  make that gift the super power of love.

Think about this.

When there is doubt, there is fear- when there is judgment, there is fear. But when there is love, there is hope, there is comfort. Which do we want for ourselves? Which do we want someone else to offer to us? Which are we capable of being? Both maybe? How do we choose which way to go? Imagine a world where we all choose love. Where we all lift each other up in this way. Be that person in the world. By living unconditional love by example we breathe life into the hearts of each other.