Kristen Becker's Press Kit

I bring a breath of fresh air to my speaking engagements and workshops that help people better understand their own natural, intuitive ability to thrive.

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I am passionate about exploring life and thriving and believe deeply that we all hold within us, the keys to do so. It’s simply a matter of having lost touch with our own natural abilities through the over saturation of conscious clutter of our modern world. I speak and present workshops based on transpersonal psychology which integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology. Being raised by a hippie I may have had an unfair advantage but after becoming thoroughly lost in the trappings of our modern lifestyle and mindset for several years, I returned to my roots. Through an incredible (and ongoing!) journey of research, practice and exploration I have re-discovered the beauty of shear existence as well as the obstacles and paths related to it. I am honored to leverage my two decades of experience as a college educator as well as my naturally engaging demeanor and speaking style to share these concepts with others. Click below to download my One Sheet.


Speaking & Workshop Topics

Browse this list of general topics and click the button below to see a more detailed descriptions of each. Custom designed workshops and talks are also available.

  •     Free Will Experiments
  •     Higher Consciousness is Your Natural Inner Genius. Understanding and    Leveraging Your Greater Self
  •     Higher Consciousness Meditation
  •     Understanding and Using the Intuitive Mystical Powers Within Yourself
  •     The Natural Way of the Soul
  •     Free Will is Your Key to Not Being a Prisoner of Your Own Mind
  •     Freedom Through Consciousness, Free Will, Letting Go and Love
  •     Shifting Your Belief Models
  •     Reality is Totally Negotiable
  •     Understanding & Avoiding Conditioning
  •     Following Your Passions & Living Your Dreams
  •     Becoming a Pabitel/Falling Back in love With Life
  •     4 Daily Practices for Thriving
  •     Self-love

My Style

I love people and fully engaging. I am full of positive energy. As such my discussions and workshops are energized and engaging. The often profound and thought provoking topics are delivered in a light and inspiring way. The follow-up I receive from attendees is always overwhelming enthusiasm and gratitude. My goal is to motive, empower and energize people to uncover the great joy and potential they already have within. Clickbelow to see my One Sheet.

Kristen’s workshop was delightful. While she created a comfortable and safe space for sharing and diving in deep, she helped me get closer to understanding the core of my purpose and the way I want to live my life. Im her guided writing exercise, she invited me to feel like no dream or thought I wrote was too wild or unattainable. Through laughter, listening and great conversation she guided us toward taking actionable steps toward bringing our purpose into being. Her gentle way, humor, playful being as well as her intuitive nature to help everyone in the circle engage and grow during our short time together. I’m pretty sure that each man or woman in the room found more clarity. I will definitely be seeking out more of her workshops in the future.
— Kathryn Para
It is kind of astonishing what the power of the “Kristen Becker” does to my life. She has magical perspective and is able to flip my life around in a matter of just several minutes of conversation. I am amazed by this woman’s superpowers.
— Irina Smirnova
Kristen Becker’s magnetic personality drew me to her upon our first meeting, and she has been inspiring me ever since. Her expansive personality and luminous attitude has helped me with several difficulties such as overcoming fear, making important decisions, and letting go of negative emotions. Every time I see her I leave feeling high-spirited. Kristen has a joie de vivre that encompasses everyone, and those lucky enough to be around her are sure to feel the positive transcendental after-effects like I always do for days afterwards!
— Jane Kelly