The food you choose will transform the body you have

Do you know how much power is hidden in your humble breakfast, lunch and dinner? It can make you sick or fill you with energy. It can brighten your skin and boost your appearance, or make you dull and lifeless. It can boost your mood or put you in a funk. It can even raise or lower your vibrations! What you eat is always your choice so that means all of this power is yours! Your get to determine how you look, feel and how healthy you are.   

Do you want to be beautiful, fit, trim, healthy, happy and vibrant? Well I’ve got great news for you: you don’t need to buy any special products, go on any diets or obsess over everything you eat. All you need to do is to eat whole/real foods. Have you ever heard the terms “you are what you eat” or “let food me thy medicine”? It’s deceptively simple- you are a system. I’m a system  too- heck everyone is! As with any system you know what output to expect based on the input. It all comes down to four simple letters.


Garbage In, Garbage Out    -or if you so choose -  Good In, Good Out

I’m a real foodie and my hunch is that you are as well.  Having a relationship with whole, real foods is a lot like falling in love. Food is a foundational part of life that is both fun and good for us if we make wise choices! When you fall in love the body releases chemicals like Dopamine, Norepinephrine, Serotonin. These chemicals not only make us feel great, they boost our immunity & health and even make us more physically attractive. In short love is good for you! Likewise choosing whole real food over processed food gives us a huge advantage psychologically, physically and even aesthetically! Your relationship to food is a reflection of your relationship with yourself and other aspects of your life. If you are seeking to optimize your whole being, food is a wonderful place to start!

Real Food Defined : Real food is simple whole food that is pure and nourishing. It is not processed or altered by man.

A real food check list

-        Contains a single ingredient

-         Does not come in packaging

-        Foods made entirely by mother nature without technology  

-        Ingredients could be made/processed  in your kitchen -ex. Jam purchased at the farmer’s market containing strawberries and sugar vs jelly from the store containing high fructose corn syrup and other ingredients you could not create or process in your kitchen.   


Is 80% to 90% of your diet whole foods? Here’s why it should be!

When something is whole it is complete, it has more to offer!

Why Real Food? When something is whole, complete it has more to offer! Real food nurtures both your body and your soul and is the foundational element of your being. You literally are what you eat. The food that you choose to put into your body forms the building blocks of who you are. Make food choices that are aligned with who you are and who you want to be physically, and psychologically, and principally.


Key points

-        Don’t eat things that have already had something taken out of it such as GMO foods

-        When your body has to process the additive, preservative and chemicals in processed foods it weakens the immune system .

-        Processed foods make you fat. A calorie from a whole foodhas a very different effect on The body then the same calorie from a processed food. Your body gains energy when processing whole foods(fruit & fiber) as opposed to losing energy when it process’ processed foods.